Friday, December 30, 2005

lube, vaginas and swallowing

I love the fact that everyone was able to be honest and asked some great follow-up questions AND called some bullshit on some women they encountered. I was planning on having today's post be about wetness, but as I was asked about swallowing and also about vagina size and stigmas there, I am combining all three.

Jay mentioned about women stating they need 12 inches to be satisfied. Jay I couldn't agree more and I am glad you called their bluff. I do know of some women who absolutely need a large man and they absolutely love to be pounded into. They also claim to be able to have an orgasm without any clit stimulation. Therefore, I don't know if they are full of shit all around or just magical creatures and aren't comfortable dispelling myths.(honestly, I know everyone is different) I am also glad you mentioned average penis size is 5 3/4 inches. I meant to mention this yesterday and forgot, so thank you.

Rob, I think porn has done a great disservice to many men and women and couples. The whole WOW! look at the professionals, I must be inadequate and therefore doing everything wrong. The John Holmes of the industry are sought out, they are larger than life (wow, didn't even mean to make that pun) and again are mythical creatures. To be in the presence of a large penis is a wondrous and magical thing. It's beautiful and wonderful, but all I want to do is pet it. There is no way I could do anything more with it.

Wavslidn brought up a couple good points from the last post and also from previous posts. A man can go around bragging about his size, but if a women mentioned her size and how big her vagina is then there is a whole other stigma attached to size. Women, like men, can not help or control her size, just as she can not control the way she looks. However, with daily exercise (kegels) as a daily thing to do to tighten up and continue to do them for the rest of her life before and after giving birth, things will be nice and tight. However, I do know of some men who prefer to have a 'looser' woman, so again it's all about preference. Personally, I do my daily kegels and like to think I am on the tight side. I guess I've never had anyone complain about it, so I think I am good, but who knows. A man isn't going to tell me to my face, "um, gee you're kinda loose and big." Just as I'm not going to say, "Is it in?"
On the question about men bragging about their anacondas in their pants. Having been on the receiving end of such comments at the bar, I completely ignore these men and first: think they are full of shit. Second: Are only about showing how big they are, they will in no way be concerned with pleasing me. I will simply be another notch in their bedpost. No thanks. So tell them to shut up. There is also a fairly high chance that I will say something very smart-assed to them that they probably won't appreciate, but will certainly make them leave me alone.

There was also a comment about swallowing. Personally I love to swallow. If I am totally into the guy, wow, there isn't anything better. (at that moment) It's total acceptance. If he had a problem licking all of me up after all the work and pleasure he just went to to get me off, yeah what was the point? To finish me off with his finger or to have me finish myself off because he wasn't comfortable with 'me' and my cum, I can't imagine the blow that would come to my self-esteem at that moment. Is there something wrong with me? Did I do something wrong? You are so vulnerable when you are about to cum or are with someone new in bed (or with anyone) What are they into? not into? What if I bring something up and they freak? What if I do or say something that will not want them to be with me again. Oy! the pressure. So again for me to take a man and swallow, wow! Acceptance. I know some women will say they don't like the taste blah, blah, blah. Ok, if a woman really doesn't like it then absolutely don't do it. Never do anything you don't want to or aren't comfortable with. Yes, certain foods do affect the taste, but honestly the only one factor that I have noticed that really, honestly truly affects the taste is smoking and that seems to be more about brand and frequency of smoking. (odd, I know) Otherwise I haven't noticed anything that makes a huge difference. Oh, asparagus also not so good, but again, how many men eat this on a daily or even a semi-regular basis.

Ok, onto wetness. Just like penis size, again something that women really can't control. (Where's the KY?) If a guy can't get me wet I would never say, "what the fuck? What are you doing wrong?" Not really his fault or something he can control. Just as in it isn't necessarily my fault if he can't get as hard or big as he normally can. It might be something I am doing wrong, but again perhaps not. We could have been out drinking, had a bad day, stress, situational ect.
For me lubing is not a problem. This isn't something I really ever gave that much thought to until recently when the men I have been with have commented about how wet I get. (um, thanks) Actually, I personally get off on how wet I can get and just how wet I can get myself. I know I said it's not the man's fault if he can't get a woman wet, which honestly it could just be the woman isn't able to, but again for me if I'm not even a little bit wet, then there is a problem. I have gone from being Lake Placid to being the Sahara, but it had to do more with a "what the fuck are you doing?!!" type situation than anything else.

A few more things on swallowing. I've had a couple male friends tell me they prefer not to have the woman swallow because they are so sensitive at that moment that to go back over the head is way too much for them. I've also had a male friend turn his nose up in disgust at the thought of his wife swallowing. So, is it really a preference? Personally, I would think all men would love it and want it and be disappointed if she didn't. What's the truth?


Anonymous said...

lube - for me it's never been a problem. I've sometimes been embarassed at how wet I get, but it's definitely never turned a guy off.
swallowing - not a problem for me as long as we're in a committed relationship. I wouldn't say I love it, but I definitely don't hate it. If the guy wants it, I'm game.
length vs. girth - girth is definitely always the winner.

Thanks for your blog and bringing excitement to my otherwise boring day at the office.

wavslidn said...

Awesome posting! I think you should teach some type of sex education class. You answered all the questions I had from your other emails. I feel like every time I read a new post I learn a few new things.

As for whether or not guys like chics who swallow, I have never heard a guy say he does not like it. Personally I could not imagine telling a chic to stop unless I new that she really did not want to do it. When it comes to even the slightest chance that a chic will swallow, I will jump through whatever hoops she can come up with. If girls only knew how much power they have by swallowing - uh-oh, I think I let the secret out. Sorry guys.

wavslidn said...

Oh yeah, one last thing ...Happy New Year to everyone out there! I hope that every girl out that finds a guy with the perfect length and girth for them and that every guy finds a nice (or not so nice)girl who likes to swallow. See ya next year.

Intense said...

Swallowing- I love to, however, it depends on who's cum I'm swallowing. Some guys just have rancid tasting cum. It may be their diet or whatever.

The comment about...they prefer not to have the woman swallow because they are so sensitive... that might be true. But I also think her technique plays a part.

Wetness-don't really have a problem. I'm kinda like partygirl and I get off on how wet I can get.

Dr. Party Girl- Have a Happy New Year! When is school guy getting home? Did u ever come up w/ a name for him? Enjoy!!!

Party Girl said...

schoolhouse and wavslidn: thanks for your awesome feedback and compliments! I really appreciate it and thank you most kindly!

Unthink: I would have to agree with your comment on techniques about not wanting her to swallow. I can understand being sensitive, it's the same with teaseing my clit after I've cum for the 40th, sen-si-tive, but that doesn't mean I hate it or want it to stop.

Mr New Jersey (that's the school guy's name) will be home this weekend, but it won't be until after the holidays (boo)
It sounds like things are going well with you and your ex. His name by the way?

Happy 2006 everyone!
Be safe, with your sex and with the driving!

MrHinge said...

That's a perfect comparison. Right after I've unloaded my wife wants to suck on the head, just to watch me squirm. It's definitely in hyper-sensitive mode. Same with her button after she's just recieved a tongue lashing to completion. Once she's past the point of no return I have to ease up.

I have to add something that Pussycat might get mad at me about. Once she's had her big "O" and I keep licking one of two things can happen. The first is she nearly rips my head off telling me to stop because of the sensativity issue. The second, and I'm hoping this spawns a future blog, is she squirts from another over the top "O". From conversation with her this is the only way she can squirt to. Yes, it's really neat to and how many of you other ladies out there experience something similar to this?

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