Friday, December 16, 2005

um, yeah. you stink

Ok, there is an art to the walk and fart. You have to make sure there isn't anyone behind you, or going to be behind you until the smell disappears.

You don't do it in doorways because you never know when someone is going to round a corner and get a big face full of your fart.

You don't do it by someones desk. Um, hello I know it was you who just walked by my desk and now it stinks.

You don't stand and fart. I can not only hear it, but I can smell it as well.

I don't want a big face full of fart. Or a mouth full (yeah, nothing like eating a fart. Jesus Christ.)

It's not science people. Its an art.

(can you guess what I just ran into? Huh, huh can you?)


Vagina Terrorist said...

In bad whiny, Jewish voice... "It smells like cookies? [sniff sniff, rears back head] Oh my god, she, she fah-ted and I think I swa-lowed it"

Intense said...

We call that crop dusting.

Vagina Terrorist said...

Crop dusting is the drive by of the fart scene.

And that's right, I called it a scene.

Vagina Terrorist said...

P.S. For a place that is called sexcapade, I think there's been maybe one entry on you hooking up. Hit a dry streak these days?

Party Girl said...

actually, no. I had sex on Thursday.
It's called sexcapade, but the headline says I want to have an open forum about dating, sex, relationships, friendships and any and all questions I might have about all the above and everything in between and that's what it has been.
I'll talk about and bring up my sex life, but I think there's more here to talk about.

Vagina Terrorist said...

Agreed about more to talk about. I was just wondering.

Intense said...

Any painting this weekend?

Party Girl said...

easy: no problem what-so-ever. Like I said, I welcome all comments and questions.

Uthink1: I did paint yesterday, no vaginas or penises, what up with that? I actually worked on some paintings for family for c.mas