Thursday, December 22, 2005

telling victoria's secret

That's how much I spent today on 9 pairs of panties.
That was 9 panties that were on sale.
3 boyshorts
3 thongs
3 hiphugger boyshorts
Now, I love feeling sexy and knowing that I have something sexy and pretty on under my clothes and no one is the wiser. At work, running errands, shleeping around town or simply in my apartment. I don't buy them for anyone else. Necessarily.
However, I'm not kidding myself. I certainly wear something extra sexy for the man in my life. (whoever he may be at the time)
But, do men even notice? Care?
I've dated men who didn't even seem to notice what kind of panties I had on. They noticed that my boobs were popping out of my shirt, but panties, um yeah.
I've dated men who insisted that I wear panties. Sexy, naughty, pretty, slutty. they didn't care. Their only request were no granny panites. Seeing as how I don't own any that was an easy request to grant. When they would undress me and see what I had on under my skirt or pants, oh boy, were they appreciative. Because I did this they were very happy (and hard) and because they were hard and happy it would turn me on even more. (it's a sexy something to say, "well hello there. How you doin?")
I've dated men who secretly loved it when I went commando when I wore I short skirt. Honestly, this is my favorite. I have on a short skirt and no one knows that I am bareassed underneath. The guy doesn't know until he goes up my skirt sometime at the bar, during dinner, or when we get home. Mmmm, nice surprise. I also think it says, "yeah, I knew I'd be getting laid by the end of the night."

Here's my question. Do men really care, notice or even pay attention to what is going to be ripped off and rolled into a ball on the floor in mere seconds? If not then why spend the money or take the time to coordinate the matching set for anyone other than ourselves.
Oh wait, I guess I do wear my sexy little things for myself everyday regardless. However, when I know I am going to be seeing my man and at some point in the day/evening the pretty little things are going to end up in a ball on the floor, well I guess the $101.75 makes it all worth while.
(I have such a devilish little grin on my face with a gleam in my eye right now)


wavslidn said...

Panties are a tricky area, I have been asked before how I feel about them. To me, sexy panties add to the "chase" in that they help to build up anticipation of what comes next. Of course, if she is wearing granny panties, the intrigue is minimized. Finding out that she is wearing a nice thong will make any guy stand at attention. The sexy panties add a lot to the hooking up and making out. If the guy is completely focused on getting laid (young, dumb, and full of cum) then I dont think it really matters - his goal is to see them balled up on the floor.

You did bring up a major personal fav of mine - the short skirt with no panties! I really don't think it can get any better, especially if when you have to pick something up so that we can take a peak.

In my opinion, it was money well spent!

Kuflax said...

Hell yeah it matters.

"I wonder what kind of panties she has on?" really gets the imagination running wild. And often, the answer is better than anything we've pictured.

And the commando? God bless you.

Intense said...

Last night my guy was lovin the panties. My fav are the hanky panky. It sucks b/c one pair is $18, but they are very sexy.

Yep the waxing thing didn't work. Just walked in..going to bed. First need to eat my greasy McDonald's.

Party Girl said...

wavslidn and kuflax: thanks! Ok, I don't feel so bad about the money spent.
Yeah, I have to admit, the commando is my fav. whether out at the club, on a date, it's um, fun...and God bless you back.

Unthink: yeah, I really didn't think it would work. It never does. I know it was good.

loveschoolhouserock said...

Personally I go for comfortable cotton bikinis on a daily basis. I wear the sexy panties & thongs when I go out. All my undies come from VS...they can be outrageously expensive, but I do love their products!

Will said...

This post is useless without pics.

Tachae said...

I LOVE YOU in a totally non lesbian way... i do that too! and it feels amazing to spend that much money on your knickers when you dont even have to show them off. im so happy im not the only one

MrHinge said...

Any suggestions on how to get my wife to go commando now and again?

BigWinner810 said...
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Eric the Something said...

First of all, yes, panties matter. To both parties. You said you feel sexy wearing them. We lucky men are the happy recipients of those feelings and the thoughts/actions they produce.

Second, BigWinner810 states "But as soon as we come in contact with them, we only want to see them off your body." Which is, sadly, true of most men. And I do mean most men. But not all. The sight of a woman that I have been waiting and hoping to see in next to nothing coming out in some skimpy sexy underthings is like chocolate syrup on ice cream, or whipped cream on pie. It makes a great thing that much better.

And, if I may be just a wee bit explicit for a minute here, there is nothing like teasing a woman, through the silk of a pair of panties, using nothing but your tongue and warm breath. Tantalizing her with the thoughts of what will happen when that thin layer of dampening underwear is finally removed. Yum!

OKay, I am off for a cold shower!