Monday, December 26, 2005

and to all a good night

Stoli and Jager.
That was me yesterday and today.
As soon as I showed up to my parent's last night it was announced that the bartender was here and I started pouring.
My oldest brother received a bottle of Jager I said, let's break it open. We did. We toasted. It was gooooddd.
Presents were torn open, I was happy. (I really only wanted another bookshelf because my apartment is being over-run by books and magazines stacked everywhere.) (see, I'm a dork)(I got this, I am happy)
Today when I showed up at my brother and sister-in-laws place it was again announced that the bartender was here. (Perhaps I need a to make a career move) We had a plethera of food. Seriously, it was disgusting in the most glorious of ways. We even had a goose. Yeah, a Christmas goose. It was very 19th Century Victorian. (I thought it tasted like liver, blech)
Anyway, I'm telling you guys, alcohol. It's the key.
Next year I say, let's all meet somewhere and get drunk and well, I'm sure we can all think of something to do after. I guarantee the holidays will be much more enjoyable, tolerable and memorable.


Eric the Something said...

I keep a bottle of Absolut Citron and a bottle of Jager in the freezer at all times. YUM!

And it's just not the holidays without booze. We start with champagne with breakfast and go until Bailey's or Kahlua in the evening Cappucinos.

Will said...

I'll be the sober one making sure Matt doesn't flirt too much, Big John doesn't pass-out at the bar, and partygirl gets "home safely".

Kilt Trip said...

Sounds good to me. Here's to a new holiday tradition. ::lifts glass::

Someone pointed something out to me yesterday that made me laugh. They said, "For someone named '
Party Girl', they're probably online as much as you...when does she have time to party?"

just thought I'd share, because it made me smile.

Party Girl said...

Rob: that's cute. There is always time for partying when you have goals in mind. I have a crazy schedule, but I am actually off work until Jan 3rd. (that would be the reason for the frequency of posts lately)
Also, I typically don't go out until 11:30, get to the bar around midnight, home around 4.
I also frequent the happy hours after night classes and work.
See, when you have low goals and a will you find a way.

Party Girl said...

will: you're too kind. Seriously.
And as the official Party Girl I would make sure you would not stay sober, but I would make sure you got me home safely.