Friday, December 09, 2005

sex in the everyday

I can find everyday things to be very sexy. I can find sex in the everyday. Some are obvious, other not so much.

I use to think the sexiest thing in the world was to catch a glimmer of a man's boxer shorts over the top of his jeans. Just enough to see what color/patteren they were. nothing more than a couple hair widths of a glimmer. Then the whole fashion trend of pants around a man's knees started. ruined the whole thing.

Candles melting/burning. To be in a room filled with only candlelight...mmm nice.

Moonlight. Enough said.

Full moon on a cloudless night.

Smells: the smell of cinnamon, vanilla or a faint scent (ever so faint) of a really nice cologne

A nice tailored suit.

Boxing. I love boxing. So primal. so sweaty. so hot. so wet.

music: either being in a dance club (gay dance club) with a great DJ and a heavy beat. God, you can smell the sex. If a man loves the old standards as much as I do, then you've got me. Sinatra, Billie, Ella, Tony..and on and on..

humor. A man's gotta make me laugh. Have a witty come back, sarcasm (but not biting or mean) and get my humor (which is witty and sarcastic) gotta keep me laughing then we can get through anything.

A woman in a great pair of pants. Where they are snug against her ass.

Confidence, but not cockiness. Very sexy.

Teeth, lips and eyebrows. Some people are into asses, legs, arms. Me? it's lips, teeth and eyebrows. The teeth should be some shade of white. The lips, nice and full or a nice combo with the teeth. Eyebrows, there should be two. They are divorced and not speaking to one another. At the very least they are seperated.

white cotton sheets. Especially after sex and you're both naked and lieing together half covered and talking.

conversation. This is huge. If you can give me the mind fuck then forget about the other stuff it can be worked out. Give me conversation. (see previous post: true intimacy)

last phone call of the day. (see the above, conversation) where you're lieing in bed talking for hours on the phone and learning about each other

a great meal.

a sexy bra and panties. Especially when I'm the only one who knows what I have on under my work clothes.

rain/thunderstorm. the smell of an approaching thunderstorm. Being caught in the rain.

summer. all hot and sweaty. the air is thick with humidity.

great shoes

having a man lay between my legs and wrapping my legs around him. (now I'm sure you all have another visual, but I am actually refering to when we are in bed or on a couch and not facing one another and his back is resting against my chest and I have him wrapped up between my legs and I am rubbing/playing with his head/hair

I sometimes wear a pair of thick black glasses which I've been told are very sexy. (go figure) think secretary fantasy or intellectual girl

touching. When a person isn't afraid to show affection and receive affection in public or otherwise. Sitting at a bar and touching my leg ect.

intelligence. being well read. great conversationalist. (told you it was a biggie) great at debating (not argueing)

when I am so connected with someone that there can be a room full of people, but neither one of us are aware of anyone else, but each other. There is no one else, but us. So very hot and sexy.

...ok I gotta stop. I'm getting myself all hot and bothered and I'm throbbing. I'm sure I'll have more later, but for now I have to stop.
....tell me yours


BigWinner810 said...

marry me. simple as that. Although between the glasses, laying in the white sheets with Sinatra playing, I'd probably end up unemployed. My take on the catholic school girl fantasy (from your previous post) for me is because growing up as a Jew, the catholic school girl was so foreign and untouchable.

Kilt Trip said...

Wow, you got me hot and bothered with your list. You left out a couple of my favs, but hit almost all. My list would also include:

Showering/bathing. warm water on soft skin, sponging another person down, and the foreplay that can happen...mmmm.

A beautiful voice. sometimes all it takes for me to get worked up is the right person singing, talking, or whispering in my ear.

And yeah, conversation is the biggest. even if you don't meet all of my "standards"(very rough guidelines at the most), a good conversation with me will go a mile. Especially if the laughter is there.

Party Girl said...

Bigwinner: Meet me in Vegas, baby. You had me at your profile. If I met someone who could stay in bed under the white sheets with Sinatra playing while laying between my legs and talking all day, call unemployment cause I ain't gettin outta bed. ever.
Oh and just fyi for some reason I keep calling you Ari in my head. Take it as a huge compliment.

Rob: yep, I totally didn't mean to leave out the whole hot bubble bath/shower. Very sexy. And if a man has a midnight to five nothing but love songs radio voice, oh yeah, I am so hooked.

Will said...

I'm not really hot and bothered at all.

Party Girl said...

Will: Really? Well, I will try to do better next time.