Thursday, December 08, 2005

random q and a

I have a crap load of schtuff I should be doing. Instead I am doing this.
Enjoy and feel free to tell me yours. It's kinda like playing doctor as kids. I'll show you mine if...or like playing doctor now. You know, if you're into that.

Breakfast cereal that best represents my personlity:

fruity pebbles. It's colorful and fruity and makes your milk taste good.

Sex and the City Character you're most like:

Carrie. I have a serious shoe addiction. I have my own sense of style and I am the eternal optimist. When I see a situation that isn't working I am moving on. But, I will always talk to an ex and I won't harbor any ill will or bad karma their way.
I am like Samantha in my attitude, honesty and openness about sex. Buuuttt, I don't sleep around nearly as much as her. (damn)

Ever done drugs?


Still do drugs?

Very, very (very) rarely. And nothing more than pot. I mean seriosuly, I'm in my 30's. I'm old enough to be past it.

Hangover cure?

Greasy drive thru. Hamburger, fries, pop. Works like a charm everytime.

Ever been arrested?


Currently have a crush on someone?


Favorite sleeping postion:

On my stomach.

Favorite sexual postion.

On top. Always some postion where I am on top. I have complete control. Ah, the power.

Favorite beverage.

Water. Tons of water everyday. Of an alcoholic nature, vodka and cranberry juice.

A perfect random weekend how would I spend it?

In the summer: working on my tan while reading a book. Dinner with friends then out to the bars, grab a slice afterwards try to find an after hours and home around 4-5 a.m.
In the winter: shopping, lunch/dinner with friends out to the bar, grab a slice, try to find an after hours and home around 4-5 a.m. (notice a pattern?)

Made out with a stranger?

Well, I might have know their name at the time I was making out with them. Might not remember it while making out. But, at some point I did know their name. Probably. More than likely. I make no gaurantees.

Had sex with a stranger?

See the aformentioned make-out answer.

Thrown-up in a bar?

Absolutely not. That behavior is reserved for when I get home.

Slept with a girl?

Oh yeah. and there is never any sleeping going on.

Best time to kiss someone on a first date:

Spontaniously and not at the end of the date. Do it sometime before then otherwise it is too planned and too much pressure.

Funniest sex I've had?

In a small town during the summer on the hood of my Mustang and got caught by the cops. Yep, flood lights right on us. We didn't hear a thing. Who knows how long he had been there. He was nice enough to leave the flood lights on us while he allowed us to get dressed before asking for our ID's. I'm sure the videotape made the rounds of the police station as well.

Oral sex. Better to give or receive?

I am a giver. I am also a taker. I absolutely love both. For me it's all about the tongue and the sucking ability. and duration. always make it last longer. please. oh please. make it last longer.

Naughty dirty girl or good girl?

Good naughty dirty girl. Naughty dirty girl. And fun, always good and fun.

Does size matter?

Only in terms of girth.


Always. And no matter how long it is, it always needs to be longer. (the foreplay that is)

My sweet spot.

Is my back. My lower back right above my hips and my ass. Come around slightly onto my hip and you've got me. You've got me good.


Totally unnecessary on me.


A whole box full. A girl needs variety.


Someone once told me they came three times and it was awesome. I thought, really just three times? Seriously it should be double figure.

Dress up/roll play character:

Catholic schoolgirl. I even bring props. Like a note from the teacher telling me how I should be disciplined.

Ok, that's all I got for now.


MrHinge said...

Fruity Pebbles hot ladies dressed up as Catholic School girls are the best.

Kilt Trip said...

I second the duck! I've had an obsession with plaid skirts ever since the second grade...

Party Girl said...

yeah, what exactly is it about the whole catholic schoolgirl fantasy anyway?

Kilt Trip said...

Well for me, it started when I was in second grade, as I said. When I got my first kiss. It's left a permanent mark on me.
and I do have a thing for plaid. women who wear plaid skirts or pants will always get me steamy.
as far as the schoolgirl fantasy, I could take it or leave it.

MrHinge said...

It reminds me of halloween. All the hot ladies dressed up as Catholic school girls and being all flirty. Why can't they be like that more often.