Thursday, December 01, 2005


Why is honesty the hardest thing to do with yourself and with each other?
And if you don't think it's hard to be honest with yourself, take a moment to think about it. When was the last time you were really, truly honest with the person stareing back at you in the mirror? It's hard, it can suck.
When you're honest with yourself there's no place to go, no place to hide. when you lie to someone they might sense it, or they might not. When we lie to ourselves, we know it.
I've been told by several people that I am the most honest person they know. This baffeled me until I finally asked someone to break it down for me. They said, that they can ask me anything and I will answer it honestly and openly. Well, yeah.
Oh, not everyone does this. Gotcha.
Again, honesty is hard. It's raw. It's painful. It hurts. It can suck. Many people just keep on living the lie.
do they start to believe the lie and therefore don't think they are lieing? I know some people like this.
do we all eventually become our lies and therefore we created a new self, or we just become who we lied about being?


AeroAangel said...

it is hard to be honest. but i've had people say the same thing to me, that that's what they like about even went so far as to send a message to her friends about me, telling them all that they should talk to me if they're ever looking for somebody who will tell them the truth no matter what. but i came with a warning: she said don't confuse your opinion of her with your own dislike for the truth! i couldn't help but laugh.

Vagina Terrorist said...

I'm honest to a fault most of the time. Honesty does hurt but I respect people who give it to me straight. You're not always going to like what you hear but why sugarcoat something that doesn't deserve it.

And by the way, I'm single and I'm a great guy. I just don't whore myself out to anyone so to speak. L8a. <-- is that 1 of those abbrev that you h8... oh jeez, I just can't stop, someone help me. ;)

Gurgo said...

maybe it is easier to live in your own built world, because after a while you will believe the lies, you are saying. Its like closing the door and living in your own "good" world, your own fairy tale.
So you are a special person. The butterfly among the moths.

Party Girl said...

I am honest to a fault to, but about myself and also if a friend asks me something. I am never hurtful.

I will answer anything, all a person has to do is ask. Unfortunately few will or do.