Wednesday, December 14, 2005

inner dork #1

I truly believe we all have an inner dork. Some people also have an outter dork. The inner dork can't stand it and it must be released and it shows. We all know these people. The total dweebie. Mine is safely tucked inside. I am however, choseing to share it with all of you. And yes, you should feel special.

My inner dork is trivia. Anything trivia, useless and serves no other purpose than to allow me to start a sentence with the phrase, "Did you know..." trivia, I am all over it.
Good useless information. Things that would make me a great contestant on Jeopardy, but really serves no other purpose.

So, this will be a weekly feature also. I know, I'm excited too.

Did you know that there are exactly 216 noodles in every can of Campbell's Chicken Noddle Soup. If there is one more or one less it is automatically kicked off the assembly line.
Also, the soup isn't cooked until it's sealed in the can.

...pass it on, amuse your friends and impress your dates. I suggest using it when they are drunk, getting drunk or at the very least have a beverage in their hand. Oh, yeah, it'll make you look smart. Your getting laid ratio just increased immensly.
No need to thank me. Your entirely welcome.


Intense said...

You continue to surprise me. Trivia..nice.

BTW for the shoe whores that we are....I bought a killer pair of Michael Kors boots. Above the knee. Smokin HOT!!!!

Party Girl said...

unthink1: ohhhh, I bet. Totally jealous! The last pair of shoes I bought were a cute purple suede open toed stilleto, oh yeah, very retro-1940's chic.

Will said...

I freely admit that I'm total dork. I think it gives me character. Also helps that I'm bigger than anybody who would want to make fun of my dorkiness.

Kilt Trip said...

I used to be the outer dork guy. After high school I managed to internalize the giant geek that I was. But yeah, I'm a big triva geek too. We played Trivial Persuit over here the other night, and for some reason, I could only answer obscure political questions. Inner dorks rule!

Kuflax said...

I have sadly managed to keep most of the science knowledge that I've learned intact, so Bill Nye the Science guy am I...

The sports trivia goes without saying - but here's a sports/social trivia....

The seventh inning stretch was actually started by a President. William Taft (a baseball lover), went to a game as President. He was a VERY large man, and after the top of the seventh inning, he got up to stretch because he didn't fit in the seat very well. Since he was the President, everyone around him stood up when he did. Quickly, every other section in the stadium followed suit... and we now have the seventh inning stretch.

Anyone that can inform me how the goofy music got associated with it is truly a bigger dork than I.

Party Girl said...

Will: Yeah, my dorkiness comes out in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways. Like when I pull out my pocket dictionary. Yeah, how hot is that?

Rob: Inner dorks totally rule!

Kuflax: Believe it or not, I actually knew that one.

Thanks everyone for sharing in my dorkiness and I welcome any and all contributions to the dorkiness

BigWinner810 said...

So you're saying that if I met you at a bar, letting you know that I know how many noodles are in a campbell's can will be an automatic panty-dropper?

How have I not learned this secret art of trivia seduction? Just wait til I bust out my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon knowledge. I feel like I learn something everyday from you party

My contribution: Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, was allergic to carrots

Party Girl said...

Bigwinner: well, maybe not an automatic panty dropper. I'm not that easy. You would make me laugh and perhaps put a gleam in my eye and well, who knows where that could lead us.

...and I did know that about Mel. (I'm telling you my useless knowledge is wide, varied and quite scary.) I look forward to your Kevin Bacon knowledge.

Party Girl said...
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