Tuesday, December 13, 2005

with three hours of sleep and a smile on my face

here is a little something non-sexual about me, I work full time and I go to night school full time working towards my B.A. (wow, that was a big step.)
Ok, now that that is out of the way.
So, there is this man in my class who I found mildly attractive, but I thought he was married, so no dish.
Turns out I was wrong.
He asks if I want to go for a drink after our classes.
Yep. (always)
So he meets me at the local watering hole and we are sitting up at the bar.
I'm not sure where this is going with him so I am playing it cool. Not being too flirty ect.
But, he is making all the right moves.
Doing just enough touching, being just the right amount of flirty to give me a sign and clue, that hey, he's interested.
Plus, he is buying me drinks left and right. (thank you)
AND he is giving me the total mind fuck. Totally giving me conversation. Total brain stimulation. Completely interested in me and completely engaged in what I am saying. (AHHHHHH, so hot!)
So things progress in a fun flirty totally inappropriate way in front of the bartender kind of way and if I was him I would have said, 'Ah yeah, get a room." (but admit it. You and he like to watch in a voyeristic you ain't getting any kinda way)
Finally we decide we need to go out to his car and make out like teenagers.
So we find a somewhat secluded spot and that's what we do. Only we also had sex. Opps.
Hot guy in my class sex. I have a feeling (ok, I am really hoping) that this is a reoccurring theme with him. (and honestly, I would really like it to go somewhere.) (Which, I'm sure you're saying, um, yeah, you slept with him, good luck with that. But actually I think this has potential. If nothing else he is a keeper on the mind fuck front.)
AND he totally appreciates the mind fuck. Totally gets it.
Ok, so I need a name for him. ...yeah I'm not coming up with one. I will get back to you.


Will said...

How about Spock? Or was that mind melds? No bother.

High fives on getting some. What kind of car was it?

Kilt Trip said...

congrats...I hope you find what you're looking for with him, but if not, there's always the next lucky guy, right?

Party Girl said...

Will: I think it was an expedition, cause that what we did. Or was it an Explorer, cause we explored. A mountaineer, cause...ok, I'll stop. maybe that's what I should call him, Mr Explorer.

Rob: thanks and exactly.

Kuflax said...

Damn - shit like that never happens to me after class...

Congrats though.

Intense said...

Make out session in a car...thats HOT! My teenage make out memories are flooding me. GREAT.

Party Girl said...

unthink1: yeah, smile on my face since..it was awesome...and he called and we have a follow up date. Color me happy!

Youwish said...

I love classroom buddy make-out sessions...then you have someone to look at and share glances with...not to mention think about while the professor is talking...

Or...you could do what I did and hit up the Prof! That definitely makes for some hot classroom action. I went from the back row of class to the head of the class in mere hours! Hey, the guy was young and soooo HOT and he definitely made the first move.

Love the blog Party Girl...Love it!

MrHinge said...

You swore you weren't going to tell.

Eric the Something said...

I need to go back to school...