Thursday, December 22, 2005

cheesy pick up line #4

Just in time for the holidays:

That dress is very becoming. Of course, if I was on you I'd be cuming too.


Vagina Terrorist said...

Not bad but not yours.

Oh, and by the way, you may inherit my commenting ways now, good and bad. Just b/c Unthink was able to get rid of me, did you think I was just going to disappear all of a sudden? I know, you wish I would but I can only grant one holiday wish to someone I don't know per year.

Love ya!

Party Girl said...

easy: none of them are mine, except the one I made up. They've all been said to me. Inless you're saying that the one I made up was by far the best one. (well, then thanks) can comment all you want. However, if you're hateful in the least little way or argumentative at all, -at all- I will delete it. I will not respond and I'm not going to do a tit for tat battle back and forth. I'm not going to tolerate it at all. -AT ALL.- Again, if you want to contribute to my questions and comments, please feel free. That's the whole idea.

Kilt Trip said...

Woah, you've had someone say that to you? I hope for his sake he was very cute, because he lost a ton of points with a line like that.

Party Girl said...

Rob: A ton of points and if he was worth the price I paid for my drink it would end up in his face, but not worth spilling alcohol over.
Lines like that don't even deserve or get a response. I just give a dirty look and turn and walk away.

Kuflax said...

An alternate to that one:

"That dress looks great on you. Of course, it would look great crumpled up on the floor next to my bed too."

Party Girl said...

kuflax: that was a better line than the one I heard. Points to you.