Friday, December 02, 2005

cheesy pick up line

Do you like math?


Well, let's add me, subtract our clothes, divide your legs and mulitply.

(you can almost hear the groans can't you?)


Kilt Trip said...

If you recall, you found me originally on Rabbits blog. What got me so interested in her back in the day before she had a steady diet of boyfriend was her bad picl up line of the day. you should go check her archive out for tons of them.

Intense said...

I think I might have heard the same fucking line last night. Do they really think saying shit like that you are going to just stripe off your clothes. Well maybe if I had a Vodka IV in my arm. Great blog!

Kuflax said...

Nice shoes.

Wanna fuck?

(simple, and to the point. One of my favs, although I can't say I've ever had the courage to use it. Atleast not that I can remember)

Party Girl said...

Rob V: ah man, Rabbit stole my idea! I was gonna have a cheesy line of the week. Ah well, there goes originality! I think Ill still do it.

uthink1: yeah, I don't get it either. I once told a guy to just go up and talk to a girl, no lines. Just say, hey how's it going? blah, blah. He told me that even that is a line. I sadly realized he was right.

Kuflax: you're right. It is direct. However, a tad crude. I am a shoe lover though so maybe it might work. Doubtful, but maybe.

Gurgo said...

What's about romance?
Roses, wine and candles?
Totally old-fashioned?
Don't you want to be pampered?

Intense said...

I'm such the shoe whore too.

Vagina Terrorist said...

"Girl, why don't you lose that chicken dinna and git yo self a winna?!"

With lines like that, you can never go wrong. Thank you Fresh Prince.

Party Girl said...

uthink1: I have over 100 pairs of shoes. All still in their boxes and labeled. How bad are you?

Party Girl said...

uthink1: I have over 100 pairs of shoes. All still in their boxes and labeled. How bad are you?

Intense said...

I have over 100 pairs too. I don't have enough space to keep them in the original boxes. So I rap them in cloth and place them in a large plastic container (when not in use). I love black boots...15 pairs. My summer collect is the best. This weekend I was bad in the shoe department. Ugh!!!

Also, your shoe size doesn't change.

Vagina Terrorist said...

Girls always find a way to come full circle to the important issues.

BigWinner810 said...

Just don't date any guys named Woogie