Sunday, January 01, 2006

I'm sorry, you're an old acquaintance and well, I've already forgotten your name

Ah, another year passed and gone. God bless and good-bye.

Last night I went down to my favorite gay bar and God bless the gays, they do love me and they do love to buy me drinks. (it helps that I know half the bar) Lots and lots of cocktails. And shots. Lots of shots. Very disappointed with me if I didn't do a shot or two (or four) with them.
I hocked up a threesome in the bathroom between a girl who had a crush on one girl and her girlfriend. I made a one-night love connection for another friend and I felt like I was cock blockin most of the night no matter where I stood. Yet I came home alone, what up with that?
The new year was rung in with several kisses and a money drop where a many poor disco dancer (and one poor white straight girl) were looking pitiful while searching for the $500 balloon. (I don't know, can you look pitiful while searching for $500 in free money?)
My boobs were up front and in all their perky big glory and my stilettos held up all night while I danced like the dancing queen that I am. (I had on a cami with a short black mini skirt with black garters and yes, I went commando.)
I came home around 4-ish and crashed. Up at 11-ish and baptized myself with my hot shower to wash away the smoke, ale and cologne of many a gay man (I smelled as if I had had an affair with about 50 different men with 50 different scents. Some not so lovely or so expensive) and went for my fast food hangover cure.

This afternoon I went over last year’s resolutions (I write them down) I did ok. Some I didn't even come close to (save more/spend less, um yeah, not so good)
I wrote down this years resolutions.
My biggest ones for this year are:
To submit my essays for publication and to be rejected left right and center, but to at least find the door to be slammed in my face.
Graduate from college in December while still maintaining my GPA of 3.65 (that's while working 40 hours a week and taking no less than 12 credits a semester.And finding any excuse to party) (Excuse me while I toot my horn. Toot-toot)
Be hired on in a proposed position at my current employer once said degree is earned.
Be in a long term monogamous, but not monotonus, relationship with some fantastic as yet to be named or perhaps discovered, lucky man. (and of course have sex everyday. Mindblowing amazing fantastic sex)(everyday) (three times on Sundays) (amen)

New years day is full of possibilities. It a whole new year of discoveries waiting to be discovered and a time to reflect on the past year. (Am I making you all sick yet?)
So here it goes:
I learned to be humble and to accept help when it is offered up to me. (When I broke my leg, ankle and foot I wasn't able to drive for 13 weeks and I wasn't able to walk and I was in a wheelchair for 9 weeks. (I literally had to learn how to walk again) Talk about a life-changing event. And I don't mean that in some sentimental bullshit Hallmarky sort of way either. Really, I am thankful everyday for two legs and what they are able to do for. I also discovered who my friends are and how lucky I am for my mom and step-dad cause without them, yeah I would have been homeless and I would have had to drop out of school)Also, I "walked" on my broken leg for three days before I went to the Dr. It wasn't until it resembled a baked ham with tootsie rolls sticking out of it that I thought perhaps it wasn't just a pulled tendon as the cute firefighter had told me it was the night I broke it. (he was so helpful throwing me over his shoulder all manly like and helping me out to my car after I closed the bar down. (Oh yeah, I stayed until well after closing time) Kissing me the way he did. (sigh. Fantasy rescue moment. Please hold)
I also learned my stubbornness and bullheadedness can be a good and bad thing (see aforementioned paragraph)

I rediscovered my love for writing while I was laid up for that 13 weeks, and well I think that was perhaps one of the reasons behind it and what I think makes it all worth while. Ah, my writing. God, how did I ever forget?

I dated some interesting fellows and had some awesome and mind blowing (literally) scream out-loud fantastic sex. Unfortunately it was with those interesting fellows.
Many one daters who are not worth mentioning because I wanted to leave the date before the first cocktail was ordered.
Then in February I met Mr. Nebraska. We were off and on and on and off until November. He was supposed to move to my state and never did. I don't do long distance well. He had such potential, but piss poor follow-through. He talked a good talk, but didn't listen very well. Emotionally available? Yeah, not so much. I was his Carrie and he was my Mr. Big. Enough said.

I kissed way too many annonymous men (maybe a girl or two)(three) and flirted wildly with everyone.

A frighteningly awful one-night stand that made me say, "What do you think you're doing!!?" two, too many times and I finally just left.

I ran into an old flame and discovered there could have been something there, but once again the timing was off. I told him I think we're just not meant to happen.

A hot, hot, hot night with my girlfriend which has since ended badly. (this is why you don't have sex with your friends)

Then lastly there was Mr. New Jersey (school guy) seems to be going well, says all the right things to say. Has an active interest in a non-bullshitty sort of way in me and what I do and what I'm about, but still way, way too early to tell.

So 2006. Full of lots of anyways and whatevers to come. I look forward to telling you all about them I hope you're around to hear them.


Kilt Trip said...

I never keep my resolutions. So this year I've decided to make a resolution I can stick to.

I'm going to sleep with as many people as I can.

Ho-Me-G said...

Your goals are admirable, your body is willing, and the world is wide open before you - I have no doubt that this time next year you'll check off every item on your list.

You ought to post about how to find good dates. Or at least pose the question. I like your description of monogamous and not monotonous. How to find someone? Good lord... tough one. I hope you do well with your new beau!

Intense said...

Love your new year resolutions. Good look. I tend to always have the same goals so I must not be doing something right! The cards are in my favor.

This year the only thing I can say is I'm going....into 2006 w/ no expectations so I won't be let down.

Party Girl said...

Rob: I think that is an excellent resolution and one I have no doubt you can keep...oh and keep me posted on the progress of.

ho-me-g: thanks!

unthink: I think you are doing something right so therefore there is no need to change anything!