Wednesday, March 15, 2006

being a rock star while floating on cloud 29 which is filled with silver linings

Today was the award ceremony for the creative writers.

My mom was my date. Gotta love the mom.

We had a lovely lunch of: sirloin in a merlot and mushroom sauce, asparagus, roasted potatos, salad, bread, and chocolate mousse pie.
Mmmm, good.

Then it was time for the awards.

Okay, here's how big a dork I am. (Also proving how much I didn't care and I was just so ecstatic that I won. That I won anything...anything at all)

I am the first runner-up. I thought that meant: winner, first, second, third, me.

Um, no.

It was: winner, me....I came in second..!!!second...!!!second...!!!second...!!!second...!!!
That's like a silver medal.
That's the Empire State building 3 months after it was completed.
That's like Burger King fries.
Or being behind the guy who reaches the peak of Mt. Everest.

The first thing I ever entered.

The first thing I ever won.

I just started writing again last summer.
Not even a year ago.
I entered the submissions in November.

Not even a year ago.

I won second!

I am the first runner-up, which is like the most bestest, but not the most greatest.

I am a writer.

I am a writer.

I am going to be published.

I am going to be published in a real magazine.

I am a writer who is going to be published in a real magazine.

I am a rock star floating on cloud 29 which is filled with silver linings.

I am an award winning writer.


(big sloppy wet tears)

(I'm a rock star)

(I'm an almost 32 year old woman living her dream and making those dreams come true.)

(I'm a total rock star)

(Tears. Now it's time for the tears.)


Will said...

Liar! Liar! You tried to butter things up when we were talking earlier. You said "Oh, I just teared up a little bit." Little doesn't equal "big sloopy wet tears" lil lady.

You like Roy Orbison and Pink Floyd. Your favorite writer Michael Cr-y-ton? Your favorite character was Duckie in Pretty In Pink played by... John Cryer?!

Anonymous said...
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Party Girl said...

your just jealous cause I'm a rock star.

oh, and I'm awesome.
Did I mention that when we were talkin earlier?
I'm not sure if I did or not.
You might have missed it.

Just in case you did, I'm awesome.
I'm an awesome rock star.

Party Girl said...

awesome....and repeat

JJ said...

Congrats. You are on your way. It should be a fun ride.

Party Girl said...

JJ: Its already proving to be.


puerileuwaite said...

I've been called a 2nd rate writer, too. It stings at 1st.