Friday, March 17, 2006

what the hell are you doing here today?

Party Girl, what are YOU doing here today?

That seems to be question of the day in terms of me being at work today.

Party Girl at work on the most partying day of the year? What up?

Well, here's a small run down:

Out-of-Towner and I were supposed to be together out of town enjoying the celebrations. For obvious reasons that's not happening.

Then South Sider and I were supposed to go to KC to see, KC. SS's wife wasn't too keen on that idea. (She didn't want to go and I didn't want her to. It wouldn't be anywhere near as fun with her along for the ride.)

Then South Sider and I were supposed to hangout together here and do our thing.
Because of lack of fundage, that's not happen.

Current possible prospect who I have failed to mention until now? He is out of town for a wedding.

Then cute tutor and I were going to go out. He is getting over the flu. Ok fine.

This person, sick.

That person, sick.

South Sider and I were going to hangout after I get off work. He is now going over to one of his friend's house and well, this friend and I DO NOT get along in any way, shape or form.


Last year? I was out with South Sider and KC for 12 hours drinking away. I got an award winning essay out of the deal. (Well, it was about the day after, but still.)

This year? I am working.

Mmmmmm, which one is better? Which one..?


Mikey said...

At least you cut back this year. That's a good thing.

Party Girl said...

Cut back is an understatment.

Not going out on St. Pat's maturity or old age?