Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Brokeback Mountain and Crash

OK, so like anyone else who watched the Oscars I was surprised by the "upset" over, "Crash," winning best picture over, "Brokeback Mountain."

..then I thought about it.

I saw, "Brokeback," a week ago and I described it as, "beautifully sad." It was very true to the short story it was based on and it was beautiful in the love story, the struggle, and the landscape. It was sad in it's love story, the struggle, and the landscape.
I thought about the movie for days. I wrote a paper about the movie. I was moved. I talked about it.

I saw, "Crash," on Saturday. What an incredibly powerful movie. It was so subtle in the way it was able to weave all the interlocking stories together into a powerful storyline without hitting you over the head with the message. There was no reason to be hit over the head. It was all there. Any movie that can give me the chills still days later while thinking about it, make me talk to the screen, move my hand up to my mouth and start crying all within seconds of each other and then leave my hand up to my mouth well after the scene is over? Yeah. Powerfully moving.

Here's where I come to my decisions about why, "Crash," won over, "Brokeback Mountain." Brokeback has jokes made about it. My friend Billy, who is gay, and I call it, "Bareback Mountain." Up until I saw it I called it, "Bareback Mountain." "Crash?" you can't make jokes about it. There is no late no fodder when it comes to, "Crash." Letterman, I don't know about Leno, I don't watch him, makes a joke about gay cowboys almost every night. Jon Stewart made a montage about cowboy movies and their gayness during the Oscars. There aren't any jokes about the ignorance of racism on late night.

If I was a teacher right now I would absolutely be showing, "Crash." I think the message resonates more and crosses over. Yes, it is about racism, but it's about intolerance, which is stated, without saying it. It is about accepting everyone and all races, sexes and people. It's about all people.

"Brokeback," is about two gay men living in Wyoming in the 1960's though the 80's.
It's a story about two people.
Does it transcend to today? Absolutely. I know way more gay men who are in the closet with their families and they are all alone dancing the jig inside that closet, closing that door when the family is concerned.
Racism, you can't hide your skin color or accent. I can absolutely see myself showing, "Brokeback," in a classroom, however, maybe only for a few years. Twenty years from now I can see myself still showing, "Crash." it transcends past 2005-2006.

Perhaps another point is that, and maybe this is wishful thinking, but I think we, as a society and nation, will become more accepting and become more tolerant towards gays and lesbians than we will ever be towards other races. Am I saying this is right? Hell no. Why people have problems with someone who has come to this country to better themselves when, hello? Isn't that what everyone other than the Native Americans have done since, oh I don't know, around 1492 have done, I simply can't wrap my brain around it. Why people have a problem accepting anyone who is, "different," I simply can't wrap my brain around it.

However, sexuality is more openly discussed, debated, and talked about, I mean this blog is about sex, (most days), on a daily, national basis than racism. Turn on any talk show, TV show, documentary, movie and you can find (kind) jokes, conversation and education about various sexualities. If there are jokes, in a kind way, made on late night television about sexuality, to me that says acceptance. It's at least being talked about, discussed in an open and honest way without people being accused of being ignorant.

Racism? Still a very, very delicate subject. You have to be careful. People are afraid to say what they think or feel because we are afraid of being called a racist, bigot or whatever else someone can lodge at us. When was the last time a racist joke was made on late night? You had an open conversation with someone about skin color?

Having dated men of various races and religions, and simply going out to dinner, oh boy. Racism is still present and accounted for. Sexuality, gay, lesbian, bi, tranny? Bring on the love and where's the disco?

Again, I want to make it clear, racism and intolerance, bad, very bad when it comes to all people, places and things.
Love, tolerance and acceptance of all people, places and things, good.

However, I think sexuality has and will continue to be more accepted and move more mountains, bareback or brokeback than racial tolerance and acceprance every will and that's why I think, "Crash," won over, "Brokeback Mountain," in twenty years it will still be relevant in the classroom. Not saying that's a good thing.
I, as always, welcome all comments on this.


redbloodedboy said...

Differences in sexuality are more acceptable because it all comes down to sex. As reprehensible as homosexuality may be to one person, what it comes down to is a dislike for someone because they're having sex...albeit with the "wrong" partner. Ultimately, though, sex is fun. People can easily relate to having fun! And eventually people will come to realize that they love sex, and even though they may not like who the other person is having sex with a less than ideal partner (or partners) how can you fault them for having a good time?

Cripes I'm superficial.

Mikey said...

What we do in our bedroom is our buisness. Let's keep the falwells, and roberts at bay.

Party Girl said...

Mikey: I agree. Let's keep God and uppity old men in power out of the bedroom.

(except when I'm shouting, Oh God!, Oh God!, Oh God!
Then, that is acceptable!)

Anonymous said...

Food for thought: Why is everyone so fired up about this brokeback mountain movie? It really hasn't done all that well in the theaters anyways. The numbers I've seen say its only made about 76 million. The powers that be say that a movie needs to make 100 million to be a blockbuster so why was it even nominated? In fact, all the movies nominated for best picture made even less than BBM. And most people I've talked to say they have not and will not see it.
This is a clear cut case of the liberal agenda trying to force their homosexual opinion on us. And I for one am sick of it. Homosexuality goes against nature and God. You ever see two bucks doin it in the woods? And Leviticus 18:22 says Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. I mean really, how much more proof do you need? Call me narrow minded if you wish. Personally, I don't care. I don't claim to be perfect by any means, I'm a sinner just like the rest of you but at least I know what sin is and homosexuality is a sin period. And I for one am sick of seeing it on TV, in politics (gay marriage) and now in the movies. GIVE IT A REST PEOPLE, IT'S WRONG!!!!
One more thing. The Chronicles of Narnia made over 300 million and wasn't even nominated for best picture. HMMMMMMM, makes you think don't it?

Party Girl said...

First, although I appreciate you stopping by and stating your opinion I wish you would have had the courage to do so, non-anon.

Second: don't be hateful.
I state this clearly in my profile. This is an open forum. If you don't agree with open and honest sexuality and being honest with who people are, then please, don't stop by again.
Although I appreciate and welcome all comments, closed minded, hateful ones are never, ever welcomed.

Third: The award shows are based on talent, not box office. If they were based on gross income then movies such as, "Dukes of Hazard," "King Kong," and "Saw," would be nominated.
It is about talent, not popularity.

If you don't want to see, "Brokeback," then don't go. The wonderful thing about this country is freedom of choice. You choose not to go. I choose to do so and I wrote about it.
Clearly you and all of your friends are not open-minded enough to appreciate the movie and the message is it speaking of, therefore I am glad you didn't see it.

I know the Bible. I was raised Southern Baptist. I just finished taking a class called, "Jesus." Don't preach the Bible to me.

Anyone who has read and understands religion knows the Bible is full of double talk and fits whatever agenda that is trying to be put forth.

Jesus accepted and welcomed all people, ALL PEOPLE. He embraced, prayed for, welcomed, healed, ate with, spoke with, and welcomed his followers to be, the poor, the hungry, those who were SEEN to be UNrighteous, and the sinners of society. He welcomed 1 sinner over 99 "righteous" people.

The King James Bible was written, not by Jesus or his followers, it was written by KING James who had a political agenda just as many in the government do today.

Does God and Jesus look down on homosexuality? You know what, neither have returned my calls lately so I don't know their views or opinions on the latest award winner or the latest rap artist who feels the need to thank God. However, when I die and I go to the lighter brighter happier place, because make no mistake, I will be going there, I guess I will find out then how He felt about the life I led and the friends I had.
In the meantime I'm pretty sure He doesn't care that I have a ton of gay friends and I welcome, love and embrace them all.
I'm pretty sure He doesn't care about the fact that I've slept with some women, or the men I have chosen to sleep with.
I'm pretty sure He has more important things to worry about. Like, famine, plague, wars fought in the name of religion and on the basis of how many innocent people you kill with your free ticket to Heaven. (The Cursades, heard of 'em? They had nothing to do with religion or Christianity, or God. They were about killing the Turks, and the Muslims, you know, the so called, "sinners of the day" I wonder how God felt about the fact that His name was being used for an unjust cause? I'm pretty sure it's the way he feels about the Conservative Right using it for their so called agenda and stating that all homosexuals will go to Hell.
Again, He hasn't returned any of my calls, so I'm not sure how he feels about that.

In the meantime I'm certainly not going to quote Bible versus that were written well after the fact of Jesus dying for ALL of our sins. That's right, ALL of us. HE didn't pick and choose, which is what so many people are choosing to do today, which was the entire point of my post. But, I guess you were too busy quoting Bible passages to really catch that.

I will continue to live MY life in a postive light. I will continue to live a violent free, hateful free life.
I will continue to embrace and love all people. ALL people.
Last I checked, that's what Jesus was asking ALL of us to do, because gee golly gosh, that was the point of His birth, His life, His message and His death.

Lastly: Narnia was a kids movie, the rating was not 'R,' therefore, simply based on that alone it would draw a larger audience.

If you care to stop by again, please be couragous enough to not be anon. However, if you choose to be, then by all means, do not, do not be hateful. I will not waste my time responding as you will be deleted so as not to give you a platform.

....I am off my soapbox

Party Girl said...

one more thing: if that's being a Christian, may I never be one.

Ho-Me-G said...

Damn, you are sexy on that soapbox.

If you read the comment, it's obvious that it's a spam comment from some religious nutjob outfit. Notice that they don't mention Crash at all. They just did a search on blogs that mentioned Brokeback and then spammed away.

Great witness for Jesus.

THE DUKE said...

I didn't see Brokeback. Honestly, because I just don't buy it. Most of those I've talked to and read who are not homosexual, said that the quality of the movie wasn't all that great. I find it a little funny that as long as I can remember, the oscars have gone to someone playing a homosexual, a famous person, or a handicapped person. I recognize that if someone who is not one of these categories plays one, it's easy to appreciate their acting ability if they executed the part well. It's almost like a recipe for an oscar. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing fundamentally against homosexuality and Mikey was right in his comment that what everyone does in their bedroom is their own business. I've had many friends that are gay, both men and women, and they're all awesome. But if the relationship would have been hetero, it would have been a box office bomb.

About Crash - I saw this in the theater when it wasn't playing very widely. GREAT movie!! I was thrilled to see it get the credit it deserved. It wasn't big budget with a huge marketing blast - it just spoke for itself. The acting was great by all too. I took it a little less for the obvious racism and intollerance theme and more for the exploration into human nature and ignorance. Humans will always fear what they don't know and are uncomfortable with. As long as there are differences in races (which is forever) there will be fear. The term racism to me holds a connotation of an active desire to get rid of any race not ones own. I feel like most people aren't truely racist, they just like being in their own comfort zone. The way people choose to express that comfort zone is often misunderstood.

P.S. I was also glad to see that Walk the Line got trumped up. Kind of like Ray, I thought it was entertaining enough, but it wasn't anything to really write home about or encite any good thought patterns.