Sunday, March 26, 2006

how to get drunk while spending only $12.25

Let men buy you drinks all night.

It's a gift really.

That concludes today's lesson.


Jay said...

Another way to spend so little: drinking just about anywhere in the state of Wisconsin.

Having been born and raised in Chicago, it was quite the culture shock when I moved to Madison and bought a drink at what is now my regular hangout, an goth/industrial bar called the Inferno, and paid only $5 for a mid-shelf drink! Wisconsinites are serious alcoholics! I regularly get a Raspberry Stoli and Red Bull,(my favorite drink these days. I like the idea of the caffeine and alcohol duking it out for superiority, knowing perfectly well who will win in the end!) and I never pay more than $5.

Although working within your specific guidelines, I have had a night where men bought me drinks all night... the local gay bar.

Poor boys. I didn't MEAN to lead them on like that! It just kinda happened that way. ;P

GirlGoyle said...

I live in a small town in New England and hang out in a bar that has gender biased happy hour. $12.25 can take you a loooooooong way. Ouch!

Party Girl said...

$5 for a stoli and red bull? You've got to be kidding me!

I've been told by several people that Madison would be perfect for me. I think the drink prices alone would be reason to move!

The thing with men buying me drinks, more often than not all I am doing is sitting up at the bar helping them get the bartendars attention.
That's it.
They then offer to buy me a drink.
Um, ok.
Twist that arm.

I love being a woman!

And I say, if you can drink for free all night, hey who cares if you're attracted to the opposite or same sex!

Girlgoyle: gotta love ladies night!

clids32 said...

The VFW posts charge only $.85 for tappers in Milwaukee. Get love them Vets!!

Party Girl said...

clids32: yah!!!! you finally posted a comment on MY blog!


$.85???? Gotta love that! Where's an ex-military man for me kiss?