Thursday, March 30, 2006

how to get yourself wet without really trying

One Thunderstorm + lots and lots of gusty wind + short skirt - an umbrella = one really wet little ass


Anonymous said...

Damn. Sexy (in prose, at least), adventurous, funny, smart, and can quote both Hammett and Dobbler with ease. You may have found another man who has masturbation fantasies, fair Party Girl.

-The Continental Op

Mikey said...

Bike riding in the pouring rain without rain gear!!

Party Girl said...

anon: Ah, thanks!
Thanks for stoppin.
Thanks for the compliment.
Thanks for the masturbation!

Hope to see ya again!

Mikey: Oh, and that would have a splish and a splash with it as well!

Anonymous said...

One of the stranger thank-yous I've ever received, but then, it's one of the stranger compliments I've ever paid. And that was BEFORE I saw your nipple-tastic HNT. Damn. The things you do to a man at work. Cold showers to follow.

Party Girl said...

TCO: mmm, the need for a cold shower!
I say just get the frustration out. That eliminates the need for a cold. Might not eliminate the need for a shower altogether, but at least it won't need to be cold!

...actually. Cold showers turn me on.

It gets everything all goose-bumply erect. Hard nipples, cold water running in between all the delicious parts of my body...yeah. Um, cold showers actually do it for me, not un-do it.

Anonymous said...

Well NOW you've gone and done it -- a cold shower sure ain't gonna do any good now! I just imagine your gorgeous nipples hardening, your muscles tightening as your skin prickles with gooseflesh. God, I'd love to suck gently on your hard, gorgeous nipples. To feel the spreading warmth between your legs. To slide downward, licking. To plunge my tongue into you, your hands warm atop my shaved head, caressing, pushing me deeper.

My cock is swelling against the fabric of my jeans. God, I hope my co-workers don't notice =)


Party Girl said...

*smiles, oh so slyly. Winks*

Lovely. I say you keep going with it. Give your co-workers something to talk about.

Chris Nystrom said...

The imagery is fun to think about.

Anonymous said...

Hmm yhhh