Monday, March 27, 2006

the misadventures of a single gal: drink less, pay attention more

So, this past weekend brought about a few stories. I will share one of them.

MWPG (Mini-Wannabe-Party Girl) and I went downtown to our favortite local watering holes. At the English pub, as always, it was wall to wall balls.
We were sitting at one of the tables and before long we had a steady stream of men sitting down with us.
I met one young man who seemed promising.
Similar interests, could hold his own on the conversation, funny, witty, smart, good-looking.
We exchanged phone numbers. Something I rarely, to never, do.
She and I left to go to the next bar and he and his friends were going to follow behind us.
Sure enough before long they were there as well.
Super fantastic.
I met all his friends, one of whom kept grabbing me and kissing me. Um, ok. Don't think I said that was okay.
However, I had a great time at the bar with all but one of his friends who had a serious attitude towards me for no good reason what-so-ever.
Bar closes.
They want us to go to an after hours.
MWPG and I get in their car to be driven back to my car.
The driver goes the wrong way on a one-way.
He barely misses colliding with an oncoming car. (New to the area and wasn't listening to those of us in the backseat telling him where to turn.)
I let out a small scream.
I tell the driver, "You know what? Here is the perfect place to let us out. We'll just walk."
The driver asks if we are coming back to the after hours?
Ah, no.
Out of the car and I tell the nice young man who I had given my number to that I would really like to see and hear from him again.
"Yeah. I'm totally full of shit."
"Alrighty. Good to know. Thanks for wasting my time tonight. However, thanks for not wasting any more of it. My number? Lose it."

MWPG and I walk to my car. While laughing I ask, "What the hell was that all about? My god! What a night!" (SO very much other Shtuff happened.)
MWPG says, "He was 23."
"What?" "How did I miss that?"
More laughter.

Note to self: Drink less, pay attention more.


fritz said...


Intense said...
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Intense said...

Love that you are back in action. Ok, know that we both have our game on...when are we planning a night out? Chi-town not far girl.

Party Girl said...

fritz: thanks!

Intense: good to see you back doll face!
Getting back out there has been interesting, fun and um, interesting.

....I'm closer than you know.

GirlGoyle said...

Mr. 23 obviously didn't realize he missed out. Fool!