Friday, March 10, 2006

true confession: sexcapade, the alley

Remember that time you and I...

You and I went to the martini bar
We started the night by sitting at the bar enjoying each others company.
You were wearing a suit and tie.
I had on my usual short skirt, showing lots of cleavage and heels, of course.
We were just drinking our drinks flirting back and forth.
You were rubbing the inside of my thigh

I was rubbing the inside of your thigh

Then I notice there is an over-stuffed couch off to the side
I take your hand and lead you over to the couch
You sit down and I sit across from you with my legs draped over your thighs
Your hand keeps going further and further up my skirt until you reach the edge of my g-string.
Your fingers play with the edge of my panties, you can feel how wet I am

We aren’t saying a word to each other

You’re just looking at me and I'm just looking at you

You then slowly move my panties to the side and start rubbing my clit.
Very slowly, teasingly,
Rub my clit

I am so wet
You tease my clit with your fingers

I move my legs a little further apart

I move my foot up to your cock.
I can feel how hard you are

I move my legs a little further apart

You start rubbing my clit harder

You feel how wet I am

Slowly you slide two of your fingers into my wet pussy
I close my eyes and let you masturbate me

I'm rubbing your hard cock with my foot

People walk by us in the bar, but we don't care

Finally, I straddle you
Right there on the couch, for anyone who walks by to see.

You are fucking me with your fingers

You slide one of your fingers into my ass

You are so hot

You make me cum again and again

Neither one of us is saying anything

You pull my hair and I cum again

I need you inside me

I take your hand and lead you into the alley behind the bar

There are a lot of people around, all of them walking by us

You put my back against the brick wall of the alley

You lift up my skirt and go down on me

Licking my clit and getting me all over your face

You're biting and nibbling on my clit
Sucking it

Making me cum


and again

My legs shaking

I shove your face into my sloppy wet pussy

kneeling down below me

fucking me with your tongue

I cum again

You are driving me crazy!

You slide your fingers into my pussy

I am so sloppy wet

You stand up and I grab your face for a gratitude filled kiss
my cum all over your face
all over your tongue

I drop to my knees

I take out your cock and start sucking you
You feel so damn good in my mouth
You are so hard

I love how hard I make you

Feeling your hard cock mix with my warm spit
Wrapping my tongue up and down your shaft, working your balls.
Licking and sucking your balls

Can you hear me moan while I suck on you?

You grab a fist full of my hair as I work your cock in my mouth

Fuck I need you
I need you to fuck me
I need you deep inside me

I look up at you and tell you to fuck me.
“Say it louder.”
“Fuck me,” I say looking you right in the eye, “Fuck me”

You lift me up and turn me around

I want you inside me so damn bad

You lift up my skirt, spread my legs, arch my back, and thrust your big throbbing cock inside my wet pussy

Fucking me right in the alley

Right in front of people

they have no idea

While your cock is inside my pussy you slide your finger into my ass

I cum instantly

Closing my eyes, moaning
Your cock and your fingers feel so damn good together

I start to rub my clit

I cum again

You can feel me cum all over your cock.
How tight my pussy gets wrapped around you

The inside of my thighs are wet with my cum

You love how wet I get

How good I feel inside

How many times I can cum

How daring I am

How unafraid

You fucking me right there in the alley
Downtown, between the row of bars

You wrap your hand around my hair

You tell me to say all the dirty things you love to hear.

Your cock feels so good in my tight little pussy

Your fingers in my tight ass

I cum again

I fucking love it

I cum again

I fucking love the way you make me cum again and again

Fuck me

I cum again

Do you like how wet I am?

How many times I cum all over your cock

How tight my pussy feels around your cock

Fuck me!

I cum again

You pull out your cock and cum all over my sweet little ass

I wipe your cum off my ass with my hand and lick it off my palm

Do you remember that time in the alley?
Yeah, so do I.


Mikey said...

No, I'm gay.

Party Girl said...

lol, cute.

Oh, I have a feeling you might have some of your own sexcapade stories

Jay said...

So, I've come to the conclusion that even though I have never met you, I would fuck you in a heartbeat, just on principle alone.

You're a dirty, dirty, dirty little girl and I like it! ;P

THE DUKE said...

That was you? Yeah, that was a good night...

Party Girl said...

Jay: I have the most sly, evil little grin on my face right now.

I like your principles. I like them a lot!

..and thanks for the compliment

Duke: wasn't it though?

I have a feeling you might be remembering some other stories in the near future.

redbloodedboy said...

I'd like to just say, "naughty."

But how could you be so naughty when you're so good?

Jay said...

But how could you be so naughty when you're so good?

Because naughty IS good!

It's like saying Blue is the new Black.

Naughty is the new good.

Say it with me. ;P

Kilt Trip said...

Reminds me of that time when...oh, wait, that time is now....I need to get off of the 'puter and head back upstairs now.

Cheers hon.

Party Girl said...

Jay: Naughty is the new good. Naughty is the new good

Got it. *wink*

Rob: go get her Tiger (grrr)

Yasser Rahman said...

Shoot! Amazing...ive never had a woman cum that much! Would love to see one do that, i know im capable of it ;)

Party Girl said...

oh, that's nothing. I recently tried counting how many times I can cum.

Let's just say it won't get posted simply because I don't think people would believe me and I also think it would come off as slightly braggish ......

superlong said...

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puerileuwaite said...

I'm shaken, no wait, I'm stirred too.

I miss Martini bars.