Friday, March 31, 2006

if you click your heels 3 times wishes really do come true

Yesterday I had just sent a rather, um, not whiney, more of a pondering, of how bored with life I am this week. Then the rest of my day happened. I will break it into small posts for my ADD readers.

My life has become so routine with work and school almost every night, Wednesday is my only free night to run errands and such. So I was blathering on in the email about how I don't have time to do anything fun for myself and on and on.
Then who should happen to send me another email?
If you guessed the, Out-of-Towner, you get what's behind door number 3!
I waited a few hours and then I IM'd him.
While I was chatting with him (In a very cool, hot, detached, sexy, flirty sort of way) who should call my cell phone?
If you guessed the hot nerdy little stud boy all of 25 years who I went out with on Sunday, you are inside my head because I don't think I even mentioned him yet.
I put O-of-T on hold to talk to Nerdy Stud Boy.


Oh, and I should make a retraction.
**I had too much fun on my little sexy, flirty, cold, powerful, dominant, ego trip yesterday talking with O-of-T, therefore I will be fucking his ears off. It is simply too good not to. He and I are simply too good together not to. Sex is simply too awesome not to.
***Pick on me if you feel the need, however I am getting laid. So there.


Camilla said...

Isn't it great when, during a drought, two men suddently show interest in you. Makes you feel soooooooo desirable.

Oh, sweets, fuck his ears off!

Party Girl said...

Camilla: oh yeah....I was feeling quite hot by yesterday afternoon. Quite hot and turned on.

..and I plan to!

MrHinge said...

Atleast someone is getting some


GirlGoyle said...

Fuck his ears off....LOL. That was great!