Sunday, March 19, 2006

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y- Night!

...and you can hate me for the rest of the day for putting that in your head.

So, I decided to get myself back out into the dating world a couple of weeks ago.

Last night was my first date back out there after kicking away my dry spell.
He is a very nice young man, 28, has a good job, smart, great sense of humor. Has a lot of growing up to do and figuring out who he is.

It wasn't a bad date, but you know how you know whether or not the date is going to go anywhere before you ever even order your first cocktail? Yeah, that was me last night.
Very, very nice young man, but not for me.
Ten years ago he would have been totally for me. Now? Not so much.
Total friendship.
In fact I just replied to his email stating he would love to see me again and I had to send the, "I think you and I could totally be great friends" email.
Now, on the whole, great friends front, I actually mean it. It's not some stupid, bs that everyone says, like the, "it's not you it's me when in reality it's totally you and not me" bs line.
No, I actually mean it. To show I mean it I will actually back it up with a phone call and email tomorrow to show this. See, ta dah! no bs. So easy, so simple. No junior high games. No games at all. So mature. So grown-up.

The main reason it wouldn't work out between us even though he and I have pretty compatible personalities and tastes and thinking is because I could chew him up and spit him out. Not that I would actually ever do anything like that, but I would be way too dominate of a personality with him and I think he would be way too easy to push around and I very much don't want that. I don't want that at all. (ok, in the bedroom, sure. In everyday life, no.)


I have two other prospects. One my girlfriend is fixing me up with. I don't know much about him other than he is 26, very nice, very cute and very smart. Sounds like a good go ahead so far.
Prospect number three is 38, divorced and so far seems to be pretty decent in the communication department. We'll see. The kicking the dry spell is still very new and life has endless possibilities of glass half-full opportunities for a perpetually perky girl who looks at life as a journey who is always waiting to see what's right around the corner.


redbloodedboy said...

1. I hate you for putting that song in my head. And it's Sunday now, so that means it's going to be there until next Saturday when I get to sing it when it's appropriate.

2. As revenge, let me just say, "Everybody's working for the weekend!"

3. After one date, guys aren't going to be interested in being friends (hint, hint...topic)

4. There's always option number 4: SexBot 9000. I've been working on it for several years. Right now it's just a lot of tubing, vaseline and a trash can, but as soon as I get that microprocessor from my friend Ying, things are really going to get hoppin'!

Mikey said...

1. For my revenage I give you "Relax don't do it....HUH"

2. Give props to yourself for just getting back out there dating!!!

Party Girl said...


1)I know. Love me.

2) Now, you suck.

3) I disagree, and I would love to do a tit for tat on this subject.

4) Depending on how the next coupld of dates go, I just may be the first test subject for the SexBot 9000.

Mikey: Thanks, honey. I picked myself up, dusted off put on a pair of heels threw on a smile and got myself out there.

Now, I think it may be your turn to get yourself back out there.

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