Thursday, March 09, 2006

inner dork: condoms

In 1859 vulcanization of rubber provided women with reliable condoms for the first time in history. The birth rate in the US continues its century-long downward psiral. By the late 1900's women will raise an average of only two or three children, in contrast to the five or six children they raised at the begiining of the century.

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History of the condom.

Condom use can be traced back as early as 1220 BC in Ancient Egypt. Condoms were made from a variety of substances--linen, gourds, tortoiseshell, leather, silk, oiled paper. There are two possible explanantions for how the condom got its name. It may be derived from Condus, the Latin for receptacle. Or it may get its name from the physician of Charles II of England, Dr Condom or Quondam, who made his king sheaths of animal gut.

The revolutionary rubber vulcanisation process invented by Goodyear and Hancock, made it possible to mass produce more reliable and less expensive products including condoms. Vulcanisation is the method or process of treating crude rubber with sulphur and subjecting it to intense heat. This process turns the rubber into a strong elastic material.

In 1919, Frederick Killian initiated hand-dipping from natural rubber latex in Ohio. The latex condoms had the advantage of ageing less quickly and being thinner and odourless. These new type of condoms enjoyed a great expansion of sales. By the mid-1930s, the fifteen largest makers in the U.S. were producing 1.5 million condoms a day.

In 1957, the very first lubricated condom was launched in the UK by Durex.

In 1994, the world's first polyurethane condom for men was launched in the US.

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