Sunday, March 26, 2006

spring break: spring break at 31 vs. spring break at 21

For the past week I've been on spring break.

Unfortunately, only for my job. I still had my night classes. The week before I was on spring break from school.
Let's hear it for colleges not being able to coordinate the breaks.

So, needless to say my bring break was more this

as opposed to this
I watched my six-year-old nephew for most of the week.
I kept the world safe from bad guys and all the evil powers of the universe that can be saved by simply making a laser sound and getting into a war with all of the superheroes of The Justice League.

He discovered the joys of Fruity Pebbles, the comfort of grilled cheese and tomato soup. How cool homemade donuts are. The cheesy goodness of homemade individual pizzas. The pleasure of licking cookie dough from the bowl. (Note to self: Kick up the workout) The wonders and comfort of naps on a pillow-top mattress. (It's like sleeping on a cloud really.)
We went to a movie, grandma's house and battled several evil forces in my apartment. It was a fun couple of days.

After the wars were all fought and won I had a few days to myself.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Yeah, I was at the bars. The universe was safe and I needed a drink.

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