Tuesday, March 14, 2006

question of the week: anal sex

Ok, I want to know, what's the fascination with anal sex?

Is it because it's supposedly taboo?
Because it's more or less uncharterered territory?

Is it a dominance thing?

Is it just because you can?

Or, because your not 'supposed to?'

Women, do you love it or leave it?

Men, are you always trying to go for it or waiting for the go ahead?

Anal over vaginal?

What's the deal?

Me? I tend to like anal sex a little too much. (Clears throat and suddenly feels the need for a twelve step program)
Therefore, I have rules for myself.
I like my ass.
I want my ass to stay as it is.
I don't want any internal permanent damage to be done. (I've heard WAY too many horror stories. Um, no thanks.)

All for it, go for it. Yes please.

Toys? With time and then yes, please. (A little dp action is (almost) always a good thing)

Actual penis to anal penetration?
I have to be in an exclusive relationship.

Therefore, my ass is pretty virginal.

For me anal sex takes a lot of trust.
I need to know how you have sex, how well you listen (to me, to my body. Basically, again, how much I can trust you) If all things are going fabulously in that area then I have made exceptions to the exclusive rule, but again it took time.
Again, I like my ass. I want to keep my ass as is. No long-term permanant damage. Thanks.

So your turn.
Fess up.


Mikey said...

I only like it when I am party.

Casper said...
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Jay said...

A couple of thoughts:

Most of the anal sex I have been a part of has been within the context of a BDSM relationship. Often anal IS a dominance thing. I've done it once in a regular sexual relationship, in which I popped her anal cherry, and it was quite nice. She wanted to try it and I obliged. She said afterwards that it was different, but very enjoyable, but would never replace vaginal sex with it. I myself prefer vaginal over anal as women generally have more control over the muscles in their vaginas. Thus making sex more pleasurable. Though I have been told that gay men who are bottoms often have excellent control over their sphincter. I haven't had sex with a man, but hey, the night is young. (I'm not sexually attracted to men, but the dominant in me wouldn't let a little thing like that hold me back from ass-fucking a little leather-boi!)

And while I'm thinking about it, I've never been fucked in the ass as well, though I have wanted to once before. (I was "chemically enhanced" at the time. I won't say what it was, but the name DID start with the letter "E".) I had asked a lady friend of mine to do it with a strap-on, but for whatever reason it didn't happen. If I had any of my gay friends around, I would have.

Is that enough of a confessional for ya?!

Do I make you horny again, baby?! Yeah!!!!! :)

Party Girl said...

Mikey: When you are a party, or when your privy to the party or when your privy is the party?

Jay: You're wonderful.

Your honesty, openeness and again, honesty is most refreshing and always appreciated.

I've not done "E" but have been around enough people who have. Yah, big 'ol love fest.
However, I have done enough, "chemical enhancements" to have a few of my own stories.

For me anal is just another zone to be stimulated and when everything else is heightened and turned on and you add another zone to penetrate?..YAWZA! Add some DP in the mix and I am going to cum and cum.

(and lord knows I can cum and cum and cum a lot as it is.)

redbloodedboy said...

Once, at band camp...

Actually, it was my birthday.

I was having sex with my neighbor and completely unintentionally put it in the "wrong place."

I wasn't sure if I had, and after switching positions and fooling around for a bit, it occured to me that I may have put it in the "wrong place."

So I figured, what the hell, I'll try it again.

And when I did, she said, "no, that's enough for tonight."

I guess I did put it in the "wrong place."

But was it really so wrong?

Mikey said...

Oh The band camp story LOLOL redbloodedboy

Party Girl said...

reblooded: nice. Very nice. Gotta love the drunken birthday presents.

puerileuwaite said...

Annul sex? Now you've gone too far.

I've been enjoying all of the kinky, "out-there" stuff on your blog, but - tell me - what friggin' jollies can one possibly obtain from ABSTINENCE.

Consider this my formal resignation from your blog.

Oh ....... wait .... my contact lense had popped out ......there, all better.

Oh, ANAL sex. Well that's cool for you maybe, but I get enough of that at work.

Rock on, party girl.