Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the erotic effects of NyQuil and why Mountain Dew is not a good idea for a perpetually perky girl

First, I'm not dead (oh, stop the applause)
Second, does anyone else have erotic dreams when they take NyQuil or is it just me?
Really? Just me. Huh.

Well, a razor blade of a sore throat hit out of nowhere on Wednesday. Thursday I thought by skipping class, hopping in my PJ's and curling up in my recliner I would have it licked. Later that night I take two huge gulps of NyQuil. Friday morning when I woke up by cathedral bells, (no it wasn't a hellish nightmare, it was my alarm) I realized I had to do something I never do, call in sick.

After sleeping 12.5 hours I arose from my sick bed and made my way into my living room to curl up in the recliner with my blankie. (Yes, I said, blankie) and settle in with the Food Network.
...and I was asleep.
I wake up.
....and I'm asleep.
After an afternoon of this I finally arose feeling pretty good around 3:30. Took a shower and went to my friend Billy's house for some celebration of my cloud 29 day.

He smokes.
He has a cat.
I have asthma.
And a cold.
That's all she wrote.

Home, and several more gulps of NyQuil and let the erotica begin!
So, the erotica coming from the cold med isn't a new thing. It's always been this way. I don't know if it's the combo of the alcohol in the medicine, the low-grade fever, the sleepy-lucid-ness, but we're talking sloppy, sloppy wet. I've woke up, in a very lucid state doing some things that if a person was laying next to me would say, "Well, you go there Party Girl! Way to go from PG to triple XXX." and frankly if there was a person laying next to me would have some pretty good stories to tell his friends about not to mention he would have his toes curled five ways till Friday.

Some nipple tweaking,
Some rubbing,
Some grunting,
Some orgasms.
Some sweating.
Rubbing, groping, pinching, slapping, waking my sick self up with some moaning, or some stifled screams, not sure which.

Sunday was a replay of Friday. For every 10 minutes I was awake I slept 20. Very productive day. Just when I didn't think I could sleep anymore, I was wrong. Cause I did.

So there wasn’t any celebrating in regards to my cloud 29 day.

And now were onto Monday.
Drag my ass into work.
All I want are my jammies, blankie, cold pillow (cold pillows are the most bestest) and my recliner. Hello! Food Network. But, no. I had to get dressed and stuff. I had to work and stuff. I had to be socialable and stuff.

All I wanted to do was lay my head down on my desk.

So, I'm being socialable in a very diluted way. I feel like my eyes are half closed. My head feels like it over here and when I'm over there. (It’s a visual. I did stuff with my hands that I know you can't see, but play along)

I almost passed out once or twice. (something about being too busy sleeping to bother with eating and my blood sugar might be low. Just a guess.)I was in a skirt, so although the students would have LOVED this, it was a show I wasn't really in the mood to play out.
I asked a student to get me a Mountain Dew. (I work at a college. Shhh, don’t tell)

I hate pop.
I REALLY hate pop.
Mountain Dew? Blech.

You know what you get when you give a perpetually perky girl who doesn’t need caffeine or sugar cause she’s hyper enough as it is and I’m pretty sure I may have undiagnosed ADD survives on way too little sleep and is trying not to run into walls has a low-grade-fever and feels like a big pile of poo who only wants her blankie a cold pillow her jammies and her bed not to mention the fact that she's afraid to stand up for fear of falling down and giving the college boys a thrill they might appreciate, but certainly don't need?

And were not talking delusions of grandeur.
No, delusions.
I want sex.
I may have to be lead to the bed, but I certainly won't put up a fight.
And the NyQuil?
Forget it.
Where's a man?
C'mere college boy.I have things planned for us that you haven't even thought about.

There I was sitting in my office fantasizing about all the dirty, naughty, little nasty things that I haven't done in a little too long. Not several months, but it's been a couple. (just a little more than two months) (Yikes, I hate it when you think about your dry spell, even if it is a self-imposed dry spell. Nonetheless, it's been a dry spell.)

So, after going to classes, sitting through 4 hours of lecture, two tests, and drawing attention to myself with cries of laughter. (Literally, I sent a few students into tears through laughter.) I feel better. I think the fever has broke. I made people laugh. I drew attention to myself. I have a distraction in each class. (A girl needs a visual distraction in class) I had my erotic dreams. I am going to end my self-imposed dry spell and get back out into the dating world and met myself a worthy man.

I think NyQuil's work is finished.
There was clarity through the fever.
...but I need just one more night of erotic dreams. (gulp, gulp)

update: I am so VERY hyper today. Hyper, hyper, hyper, hyper. (I know it's shocking.) Do you know what another side effect of Mountain Dew is on a perpetually perky girl? Very little sleep. Very little. (I know, again, as if this is a shocking thing.) I am feeling like I could conquer the world. (or at least a small metropolitan city)


Mikey said...

get well sweetie.

Ho-Me-G said...

Mercy... that worked me up into a feverish pitch.

Hope you get well soon, and that you cap your dry spell in fine fashion.

Party Girl said...

Mikey: thanks, sweetie.

Ho-me-g: glad I could make your morning!
and here's to hoping the dry spell is over soon.

redbloodedboy said...

So been there.

So done that.

Party Girl said...

redblooded: the erotic dreams on NyQuil?
the hyper delutedness of Mountain Dew?
Or me?

...I'm sure it wasn't me. I would absoultely remember it.

redbloodedboy said...

PG...the erotic dreams on Nyquil.

But you may have been the one in the dream... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gal,
I know this must be an old blog but i got this while googling (in google we trust!!).. I have been suffering from bad cough due to this pollen allergy. A fren of mine suggested Nyquil and guess what that did.. a side effect which is not documented anywhere.. m on it like 24 X 7.. My boyfren was plesantly suprised.. and very excited at the beginning but now he is exhausted(3 times everyday since saturday .. who can blame him).. and m tired too but can't help myself.. So i thought maybe its the medicine and started googling and waalaahh.. i found ur blog.. hmm.. makes me feel sooo good.. go Nyquil!! Go gal!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Holy shit i thought it was just me..i also tried it and i had almost the same effects and some weird erotic dreams that felt so real but werent.