Friday, March 24, 2006

factoid of the day: Napoleon and Josephine

In honor of the question of the week:

Napoleon preferred to have sex with Josephine when she was unwashed. He also said, that she had the prettiest rear end he'd ever seen.


Ho-Me-G said...

"preferred... sex with Jospehine when she was unwashed" and "prettiest rear end" - are those related??

I can't source it, but I also remember reading that their sex was so noisy that everyone in the building knew when they were at it.

You might do a post on bedroom noise... my two cents:

Just like the crowd at the ball game, the game is more exciting when the fans are into it and get noisy.

I've only been with two people who didn't really care much for noise. Both were overly concerned with their image and what others thought of them. But then some others did too and they didn't give a shit who heard them.

And it's funny, because it's hard to guess how someone will be in the bedroom. When you get to that stage of the relationship, it's tough to back out gracefully.

I love a good ball game...

Mikey said...

Oh I like people to be washed. I can't stand body odor.

Party Girl said...

Napoleon's sister liked to have sex often, hard, and frequently with very well endowed men. To the point that she suffered from acute abdominal pains. Her doctor's begged her to stop.

She refused.

She died at a young age from complications from the pains.

I guess if you have to die, dying from too much sex would be the way to go.

Question: what is considered too much sex?