Friday, March 31, 2006

just sayin: fully naked

There is something really beautiful about having the intimacy of being naked with your clothes on.

That's what I'm looking for with someone. To be completely naked while I am fully clothed. In the very best way, to be fully naked. All the time.


Will said...

I have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Party Girl said...

...and that ladies and gentleman, says it all.

Ho-Me-G said...

I get it...

Had lunch today with a nice young woman, who's looking for pretty much what you describe. That soul-baring trust in the presence of another that can only be had with someone who accepts you fully as you are. She has a date tonight with Matt, a semi-blind date. He's a chef, wants his own business, cute (she's told)...

What do women really want though? Because frankly, when that's presented to them, they typically run away. They're waiting for the lie, and maybe it's because it's what they're used to getting, but you know - that's really just a cop out.

Kilt Trip said...

Wow, people can actually do that? I guess my guard is way too "up" these days.

Party Girl said...

ho-me: we've been dogged on too much. We're too sceptical of the person who seems to good to be true because we've been fooled by it too often in the past so we're waiting for it in our futures as well.
Men just need to keep proving themselves to us (and woman as well) so show and prove to us that good guys, I mean, men, are still out there and are just waiting to cross the finish line with us.

Rob: oh, you know me. Ever the cynical optimist who has her shitgar up just hoping to be proven wrong or right depending on how you want to look at it by someone.

I want to be fully naked. I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to being there with someone, I'm just looking for it and hoping to find it. Soon.

clids32 said...

I've seen Will naked and it's pretty impressive. I think he'd be OK with it. He's pretty confident in his manhood to walk around in your presence. Watcha think Will??

Jay said...

Program note:

This comment has absolutely nothing to do with Party Girl's post. I needed space somewhere to outline a recent fantasy I had about our dearest Party Girl.

And now for something completely different....

...the Larch.


Some things need to be understood before I start. As I have stated before, I have never met Party Girl. Save the HNT photos she's posted, I don't know what she looks like. My mind has filled in a lot of blanks to complete this fantasy. But hey, isn't that what fantasies are all about? I was laying down to sleep one evening last week and found myself thinking about her. Who is she really? What does she look like? What kind of panties will she be wearing for the next HNT photo shoot? ;P The words I read on my computer screen jumped out at me this particular night. It wasn't any one subject, but the idea as a whole. One woman pouring her heart out about her sexual life: her own fantasies, her desires, her "sexcapades". She shares this with any and all and makes no apologies. That turns me on. Period. As I lay in bed, half asleep, this is where my mind took me:

I have been invited to a dinner party at Party Girl's apartment. I have an idea what city Party Girl lives in. In this fantasy she is a "northsider", (I will give no more insight to this at the past request of Party Girl herself.) At this dinner party, I finally meet PG for the first time. I cannot see her face. She has long, dark hair,(I was pleasantly suprised by the last set of HNT pics. You have long dark hair! Holy shit!) She's 5'7 or 5'8, busty, not too thin, not fat, no need for Dr. Atkins, and I'm not feeling the need to make you a sandwich, but just right. She's wearing a short, slinky black club dress and 4 inch stiletto heels. Her hair is down around her shoulders, brushing gently against the spagetti straps of her dress. At this party, I meet some of the other Sexcapade regulars: will, ho-me-g, rob v., intense3366. I don't remember any conversations, no faces, nothing. Just a background. The party ends and everyone heads out the door for the night. There's talk of bars and clubs and parties. "Not tonight." you say. "I'm going to stick around the apartment and get to know Jay a little better."

The apartment is empty, except for you and I. I'm sitting down on a couch.

"What shall we do now?" you ask, giving me a coy smile as you sit on my lap. I begin to kiss you, hard and passionately, as you press you body against mine, gyrating your hips, causing my cock to become rock hard instantaneously.

*The fantasy fast forwards. My mind does that sometimes*

We're both naked now. You are lying on your back on the couch. I am nibbling on your clit and finger-fucking you. Your purring as I lick, bite, and suck on your ever-so-eager clit. You begin to moan louder and louder. You start to shudder ans shake. Here comes the first orgasm. You scream, "Stick your cock in me NOW!" as the orgasm's wave hits you full force. I smile.

*fast forward*

I am on my back. You're on top, body pressed against mine, pumping faster and faster. Your pussy is sopping wet. You and I are grunting, groaning, making the sounds of passion and lust. I am on the edge. I'm ready to come. But I don't want it to end. Just a little more. You whisper in my ear, "Come for me."

I explode inside of you. You have yet another orgasm yourself. We fall into a cuddle puddle in the middle of the floor.

With this, I fall asleep.

Yes, there was a smile on my face.

Good night. And sweet dreams to all.

Party Girl said...

Oh, Jay.
Dear, lovely, Jay.

I really, really wish you could see the very, very big smile you just placed on my face.

Very nice.

Very, very nice.

I loved every last word.

However, the part that I read over and over again was,
"One woman pouring her heart out about her sexual life: her own fantasies, her desires, her "sexcapades". She shares this with any and all and makes no apologies. That turns me on. Period."

Wow. Yeah. That to me is SO very hot.
The fact that I can turn you on with my words. By just being who I am. By just being me and putting it all out there. The good, the bad, the naughty, the ugly, the dirty, and the beautiful side of me.
The mind fuck.
Being me. Just simply being me.

Thank you my dearest, Jay. Thank you. You have just placed the loveliest hand print on my heart.

Sweet dreams tonight indeed.

Ho-Me-G said...

Okay - I'm paying for the limo to pick the two of you up for the weekend.

I need a cold shower...

MrHinge said...

I hate to point out the obvious.

If you're clothes are on, you're not naked.

Intense said...

Jay very nice.

Will said...

Still not gettin' it.

sonia said...

That's funny. With me, it's exactly the opposite feeling...

Thanks for the link, btw, I am linking as well...

illimitable voices said...

After reading jay's fantasy, I need to develop my imagination. I picture all bloggers as if they were their blogger icons. Will, I think you are a monkey with a shirt. Party girl, no offense, I think of you as a boob with a hand. And Jay, the fact that I think of you as a nun makes your story all the funnier.

Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

come over and discover the naked truth

Neil said...

Interesting. But its' also nice to be naked with someone and feel fully clothed -- meaning we can act in a regular manner when the clothes come off and not feel uncomfortable.

GirlGoyle said...

Soul baring trust...hummm...I might have misinterpreted. To me this entry was about the tingly feeling you get when you are with that someone, maybe even in public, for whom there is a mutual attraction. Knowing the whole time that as his eyes follow your every move he has your scent in his nostrils and he sees you a dark silouhette completely and utterly naked lusting for what he fantasizes will happen when the crowd disperses and you are finally alone.

Party Girl said...

sonia: Interesting. I hadn't thought of it that way, but I completely get it.

ill voices: I get what your saying, but Jay's story wasn't funny at all, it was very, very sweet.

Neil: Yes, yes it is.

puerileuwaite said...

Naked when clothed? Only when speaking in public or performing kareoke.

Clothed when naked? That's easy. Condoms!

Naked when naked? Well that's a different story altogether ;-0