Tuesday, March 07, 2006

question of the week: the worst thing you've ever done, said, lied about, simply to get laid?

Come on. Bring it. You know you've all done it.

Something shameful.

Something wrong.

Something dishonest.

Something you've lied about simply to get that man or woman into bed.

What was it?

Me? I don't know that I've ever done anything wrong or shameful to get laid. However, I am certainly guilty of the, cum and go.

Literally cumming and leaving.

At a house party that was full, (FULL) of nothing but gay men. I was the only female there. (told ya I love my gay men) (I was told I was the only one worthy enough to be there)
Anyway, sex, was of course brought up. In the discussion I was told by the group of gay men I was speaking with that I have sex like a gay man. Meaning, the cum and go. (I also realize this is a stereotype.)

Not sure.
But, I doubt it.


THE DUKE said...

Way too many to count. My buddy and I used to take weekend road trips at least twice a month. On the way to wherever we were going, we'd assume new identities. Rarely did we not laid. Juvenile, but good times...

redbloodedboy said...

I love you?

Party Girl said...

Duke: Awesome. Very superhero-esqu.
Best new identity?

redblooded: me or the Duke?
..and cold

Like I have room to talk.

puerileuwaite said...

"Yes, of course I have the money. Do you think I'd be standing here talking to you, wasting your time ... and wasting my time if I DIDN'T have the money?"