Friday, March 31, 2006

big balls

Last night in class the professor asked me and the two girls I was sitting next to to stay after class.

I was sitting in the middle and we turned to each other and said, "What did we do? Should we be nervous?"
"No, we didn't do anything."

So we sit there like three fifth graders waiting to be disciplined by their teacher.

As we sat waiting for our punishment the man who sits at the table in front of us wasn't leaving the room. He was just standing there in front of us staring and waiting for no particular reason at all.
I finally felt the uncomfortable need to engage him in conversation.
I blather on about something unimportant and that I didn't really care about, but this man wasn't getting any subtle or pan hitting him over the head hints.

The professor finally comes over to our table and we discuss our paper topics and such and then she tells the three of (myself and the two other women) that we need to stop talking because people have complained. Very 5th grade. In fact I can bet pretty safely that I probably got in trouble for this in 5th grade. Probably pretty safe to say I got in trouble for this on a fairly regular basis all through my school career, even now, at almost 32. Funny.

So anyway.

This man keep standing there.
The professor leaves.
We sit like three 5th graders.
Then the man asks out the girl to my left and this is the smooth way he did it.

"Hey, what's your name?"
"Be alright if I call you sometime?"
(very snotty but in the most hilarious way. Hear it with a, head swirling and finger pointing tone) "AHHH, NO."
"No, that wouldn't be okay?"
"Ah, NO. I'm engaged."

..and he was out the door.

Okay. So he asked out a woman who he has never spoken to. She never speaks in class, (you know, to actually contribute) she's engaged and has a big 'ol rock on her finger, and he didn't even know her name.
Very romantic.
I got goose bumps.

The three of us, plus another girl who were still in class laughed and laughed for several minutes afterward.

However, the one thing we all agreed on was that he has huge balls.
The guts it takes to ask a woman out? Good lord.
To ask her out in front of three of her friends? Oh my.
To be turned down in front of her friends? Yikers.
To have us talk about him into our next class? Yeah, that's pretty funny.
To see him every Monday and Thursday for the next five weeks? Yeah, that's pretty damn priceless.


JJ said...

Asking a girl out in front of her friends doesn't take balls, it takes stupidity. Doing it after making a discomfiting annoyance of yourself takes the makings of a stalker.

Ho-Me-G said...

As I guy, I agree with jj, that's a dumb approach. Did he take a risk? Sure, but he didn't mitigate it very well.

Chris Nystrom said...

Hey, now he knows. That is the main thing. I think it way better than the person that does not say anything. She must have felt the compliment? Surely that can not be a bad thing?

DallasDeckard said...

Well, the deal is... he isn't "smooth" at all, and he certainly isn't a player. This exchange though, explains why players exist. Note the smug tone in her voice about this dork's failure? Now, when you get a guy who's somewhat smart, somewhat smooth, and he's been jacked by that smugness, it makes sense that some seek retribution.

Unfortunately, they often exact their revenge on girls who would never do what these three do (who can't stop talking and disturbing others in class - nice, real maturity illustrated – Ahhh… wanna know why you feel like you’re back in 5th grade, Party Girl? Because you’re still *acting* like you’re in 5th grade! Sheesh!). Instead it is some innocent young woman who is simply looking for a connection, a boyfriend, and gets emotionally destroyed by one of these jokers. Now, I'm not saying that it is women's fault that players exist, I'm simply saying that women like this Party Girl exacerbate the situation with their haughty attitude and tendency to rail on guys who lack skills.

I know guys that specifically target women like this, and they don't feel bad about taking what they want, because they know that these women about as deep as a puddle and incidents like this tell them all they need to know about their character. What kind of woman gets kicks out of cracking on a guy who's a little oblivious? Granted, he's a nooge, clueless, and in need of a *real* social skill injection, but does he deserve:

"To have us talk about him into our next class? Yeah, that's pretty funny.
To see him every Monday and Thursday for the next five weeks? Yeah, that's pretty damn priceless."

Uh... I don't think so. So, the next time, Party Girl... that some guy uses and loses you, remember this incident... remember that you are *feeding* the monster... oiling the machine.