Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm a fairy princess

In the last couple of weeks I've had two of my guy friends come out to me.

Now, when I say, "they came out," it wasn't as if I was on the floor gasping for breath in shocked disbelief.
It was more of me thinking and perhaps translating through all of my hints and comments about how much I love gay men, gay clubs, and being a Fag Hag, that I was trying to transmit to them that it was indeed okay to tell me that you are gay because my gaydar is going, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep...really, really loud. Please tell me your gay so we can go on and be real with each other and bask in all the glorious gaydom together.

My Saving Grace, (middle aged, adorable, hilarious and we do an intermission show for the front desk gal at our night classes. It's the PG and Saving Grace Show. Mmmm, that has a catchy ring to it. I think I need to call public access.)
Anyway, he finally said something about being a big ol' sister a few weeks ago and well, our friendship has gone to a whole other level of fabulousness.


Cute Boy and I had class together as well and have gone out for drinks several times. He's married; I thought it was to a man. Nope. Okaaayyyy. Goes to the gay bars and talks about all things gay and mentions how cute boys are in the same breath he mentions his wife. he asking me for a threesome or just trying to figure me out?
Last night we went out for drinks and he finally admited he was bi (which I like to call a gay man in denial.)
Super fantastic!
The conversation took a completely different turn and we started to talk about all things gay.
How I still haven't bought Madonna's new album because I'm still bitter over, "American Life."
Will Katie have the baby already! And I think Tom is pulling her naive unwitting mind into a cult. He hates Barbra, I think she's snooty. Liza annoys me and I can't tell if she has Parkinson's or the drugs took there toll.
On and on and on.

Then I mentioned how I don't like the term, Fag Hag. There has to be a better way to describe me. He said he calls us, "Fairy Princesses" I LOVE IT!
So much better and cuter. Adoreable. Fits me.

Here's the kicker. For Halloween last year, down at the gay bar of course, I WAS a fairy princess! I had wings, corset, heels, glitter, and a magic wand and I was granting wishes all night long.


Will said...


...I'm a lesbian.

...There. I said it. I feel better.

...Thank you.

Party Girl said...

I knew it!

Damn, I'm good.

I'm like Victoria's Secret Closet. I make everyone come out.