Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just askin

Have you ever wondered how many people have thought about you while they were masturbating?

In other words how many fantasies you've unwittingly been a part of?


GirlGoyle said...

I actually have never stopped to think that...and now that I do wonder I'm not sure I want to know. LOL

Sizzle said...

i have and. . .have been told (by some i wish had kept their mouths shut).

:) sizzle

Will said...

That's an excellent question. I've never thought about it in a general sense, only knowing of someone specifically that is doing so while thinking about me.

Nice. ~high fives~

lowthario said...

Six. Six people have thought about me while masturbating. One apologized. I had to beat another one up. One wrote a book about it. Another videotaped it. The other two did it as a birthday present for me. Together.

Jay said...

So, how do YOU feel about being the object of someone's masturbatory fantasies?

Yes, you have, my dear.

And to think, I've never even met you.

Hell, I don't even know what you look like!

Can a man masturbate to a concept, an idea, or ideal, of a woman?

Obviously, the answer is yes.

Sweet dreams, darling. ;P

James said...

I could paint the picture for you, Jay. I know what she looks like.

Curvy? Yes, deliciously so.
Pretty? Very. Especially the eyes. Although the thick brown hair is a close second.
Best surprise? The way she walks in heels.

Party Girl said...

girlgoyle: yeah, I tend to think of stuff like this on a regular basis.

Ms Sizzle: funny. I've been surprised by a few who have admitted it to me. Surprised, but pleased.

Will: thanks, honey! ~high fives~ *winks*

lothario: funny! The ones I know of have all admitted it willingly and freely.

Jay: well, colored me flattered! Please do tell! Tell me more, tell me more!
What was I doing?
What were WE doing?
What did I look like?
PLEASE tell me all the dirty naughty little things we did and said and did and said again!
Also, anything in particular you saw or read that triggered this?
*big cheesy ass grin*

James: oh, look at you spilling all my dirty little secrets!
Thanks for the compliments, handsome!

I've never heard my curves be called delicious, before. Pretty damn cool.

The first time James saw me walk in heels was when he was my driver the night I went out with South Sider and KC when I needed my drunken night of laughs and good times to see if I still had it and to shake off all the blech from Dick. I was walking towards his car from my apartment,
"WOW! YOU know how to walk in heels. Between your hair blowing behind you and the way you walk? WOW!"

Later when he was dropping me off at the bar and I was crossing the street he waited at the curb in his car to watch me walk into the bar.

Color me flattered, again!

sonia said...

I hope quite a few, actually. Unfortunately, most of them are too polite to tell me this. Pity!

Camilla said...

You know, that thought has never crossed my mind. But if someone told me that they did, I would feel both flattered and discusted. Flattered in my heart, discusted on the surface.

Jay said...

I am tired as can be at the moment. When you write your next new entry, I'm assumimg tomorrow, remind me to write the fantasy in full in the comments section. It'll take a bit of space. ;)

Party Girl said...

sonia: that is a pity. Things like that need to be shared

Camilla: Really? Oh, I would love, LOVE to know.
Although, maybe it depends on the person who is masturbating to me. Yeah...I didn't think of it that way.
Although, I would still be flattered.

Jay: *bounces up and down while clapping hands like a giddy school girl getting spanked by the principle for the first time* I look forward to it. Please, Make it detailed.
I am a detailed kinda gal. It's all about the details.