Monday, March 13, 2006

factoid of the day: Harems

Harems existed as early as 3000 B.C.
Many Persian harems during the seventh and eighth centuries had as many as four thousand females.

(I'm all for excess, but that seems like a bit much, dontcha think?)


Jay said...

Many people today believe that harems are an invention of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad had 12 wives in his lifetime, though he was married to his first wife, Khadijah, for 25 years and didn't marry the other 11 women until after her death in 620. Often these marriages were to build alliances. Some were widows marrying in order to be protected and provided for. In the Quran, Muhammad says that, ideally, a man should have no more than four wives and that he should treat all 4 of them equally.

The sterotype of the harem as we know it came from the Ottoman Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. The reasons for harem existence can be seen from Ottoman cultural history. Ottoman tradition relied on slave concubines along with legal marriage for reproduction. Slave concubines was the taking of slave women for sexual reproduction. It served to emphasize the patriarchal nature of power (power being "hereditary" through sons only). Slave concubines, unlike wives, had no recognized lineage. Wives were feared to have vested interests in their own family's affairs, which would interfere with their loyalty to their husband, hence, concubines were preferred, if one could afford them. This led to the evolution of slave concubines as an equal form of reproduction that did not carry the risks of marriage, mainly that of the potential betrayal of a wife.

Wait a tick... it isn't thursday yet!

No more dork for you today! You'll have to wait until thursday or friday as I PENETRATE DEEPER into my dorking.

Think you can handle it? ;P

Party Girl said...


I was just getting all tingly in my fun parts. I had images of you and I sitting on a couch and you were talking all dorking to me and then I just crawled over and stradled you and put a big old lip lock on you right in mid-sentence and then...!

The penetration and dirty fantasies I had in my head, (Poof) all gone!

...oh c'mon, baby. You know I can handle it. I need to finish the dirty fantasy I had in my head of you dorking me...

Jay said...

The Tease.

Every woman I've ever been with has called me this.

I don't think I'll stop doing what I do best!

Besides, you've been teasing me with pictures. I'll tease you with words.

How are those panty pics coming?

"See" you soon. ;P

Party Girl said...

funny enough, many men have called me a tease as well.

I'll take it.

The flirt is so much more fun than the overt.

Here's to you seeing me soon (in a couple weeks)

puerileuwaite said...

One would go nicely with the new rug.

50% off! Can you believe it? One of those rare closeout deals, I was told.

Oh, and it'd go nicely with the new ottoman.