Wednesday, March 15, 2006

factoid of the day: orgasm length

A typical orgasm lasts from three to ten seconds, with contractions occuring every 0.8 seconds for both men and women.

(I would love to be a man for a day just to see what sex and an orgasm felt like. )

(Have you ever wondered about that? What an orgasm feels like for the opposite sex. If one sex's orgasm is more powerful, longer, stronger?)


MrHinge said...

Yeah, I'd like to know what it feel like to lose virginity from a girls stand point feels like, and giving child birth too.

Party Girl said...

Virginity? It hurts. It hurt like hell.

Child birth? I'm guessing it hurts worse than losing ones virginity.

..but I get what you're saying.

I would love to know what it feels like to have a dick and balls. To walk around all day and see what it feels like. Masturbate, to see what it feels like. Have sex, orgasm. Try to pick up a girl..all just to experience it from the man's viewpoint.

Intense said...

I think about that often. For one day I swear I would love to have a penis.

puerileuwaite said...

I hate to brag, but it's always better for m'lady.

If only I could make love to myself. As many have suggested.

Then I'd know for sure what it feels like.

Oh wait. I have done that. Nevermind, then.