Tuesday, March 28, 2006

hottie of the week: Angelina Jolie

She's comfortable in her own skin.
She's a tad freaky.
She's trying to save the world one nation and one adopted child at a time.
Um, yeah. It's Angelina Jolie. I would watch this woman if she was sitting on the toilet reading the phone book.


Party Girl said...

ok, I should say I liked her a lot better pre-Bradgelina.

Billy Bob kinda ew'd me out a little.

And well, the whole kissing her brother thing.

Otherwise totally hot.

Ho-Me-G said...

Hmm... didn't she go from Billy Bob to Brad? I've always thought of her as almost attractive... something about her is not quite right.

Ever notice how many Jennifers are unbelievably smokin' hot?

Jennifer Love Hewitt, whom you've mentioned
Jennifer Anniston
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer O'Neill
Jennifer Connelly (wow)
Jennifer Lopez

Plus, it's a great bedroom name. Unlike Clara or Gladys or Hazel...

GirlGoyle said...

Glad-yz....u glad iz what? LOL
If I were a man I'd want to tap that ass! Actually as a woman I'd consider tapping that ass. She's smoking hot.

Will said...

She's way below my standards. She's got sharpe knees.

Party Girl said...

ho-me-g: mmm, never occurred to me, but has now.

Will: Nice on the knees comment.

And I have a feeling if she showed up on your door her knees would do just fine.

Kilt Trip said...

You know how I feel about this. Angelina is so hot that I would rather show up late for work than miss a chance to comment on how hot she is. It's the lips. and the voice. And foxfire. completely hot. Ever since I was a wee bairn and saw hackers for the first time...excuse me...I have to go have "me time" now.

Party Girl said...

Rob: nice!

I love 'me' time!

Cherrie said...

Yep, and she gets bonus points for being bi.

But she's become a little too freaky for me since her Tomb Raider days.

clids32 said...

My fiance' learned to accept that if I were to meet Angelina, start dating, have sex, start a family, she'd be OK with that. It's more than just the lips!

puerileuwaite said...

I can't believe that no one commented on them, but it's THE EYES people!

She has awesome EYES.

Oh, and the rest ain't too shabby either.