Monday, January 16, 2006

1 homeless man + 5 married men = my saturday night

My girlfriend and I went out on Saturday night.
We started out at a martini bar. It was pretty busy but, we managed to find a place up at the bar and that's where a fraternity boy was doing a random act of kindness by buying two beers and two shots of JD for a homeless man. (you read that correctly)
The homeless man proceeded to hit on me.
His breath? Smelled as if he had been eating shit burgers for several days. He kept apologizing for hitting on me, yet he continued to make advances.
Finally we left.
I ran up to some men on the sidewalk and asked if we could walk with them into the next bar as we were going to go there anyway. Now I wasn't walking with the men because I was afraid of the homeless man, no I was trying to make him think I was with these gentleman and hoped he would leave me alone. Plan worked.
Went to the English pub and had a grand time.
Left and went to the German pub down the street.
It was wall to wall balls. (color me happy)
I was hit on my married men all night long. They weren't even trying to hide the fact that they were married.
Ring was on.
Talked about the wife and how she won't have sex with him.
blah, blah, blah.
Me? I sat and listened and tried to point out that perhaps it wasn't all her. Perhaps they were to blame. A'la: you are at the bar hitting on women to have a one-nighter. Think maybe that has something to do with it?
You'd think this was amazing knowledge and advice I was giving them because you could almost see the lightbulb go off.
Closed the bar.
Went to get a slice (or two)
Met some decent men there.
Took my friend home.
I arrived home at 4-ish
Woke up at 9:30 with a pounding headache.
I spent yesterday not doing a lot of anything.
I was too discouraged. If this many married men hit on one person on any given night, it doesn't do a lot for my "I want to be in a monogamous relationship" Not that I have trust issues.


Intense said...

1. Martini bar...what idiot bought you beers? And you accepted. bad girl.

2. How in the hell did a homeless guy get into a nice establishment?

3. Married men I love, depending on my situation. I feel when I need just pure fun and no strings attached they are the best.

Married men who go out hunting for pussy...thats another story. Thats when I'm like hello go get a fucking DIVORCE. Do you see the difference?

4. Monogamous relationships that is a whole other issue. I haven't cheated since my High School days...however, recently I've been fucked over by guys. Sometimes I it b/c I was so bad in HS. You know the saying what goes around comes around. I didn't think it would happen 15 years later.
Why is it we are in our 30's and we continue to get in these horrible situations at times. I really wonder, why is it so damn hard to find a partner?

Will said...

I have never cheated on someone I was exclusive with, but I know a guy that's engaged that flirts a lot. I understand the need to know that you're still attractive, that you could still get a chick/guy, and that you still have "it" (even if you didn't have "it" in the first place). But overall I think it's lame. You chase split-tail to find the best suited split-tail for you. Why try to screw that up? I don't understand it. I find plenty of women attractive, but I think about what my girlfriend and I share and it isn't a contest.

Party Girl said...

Unthink: I didn't have a beer. The frat guy ordered the beer for the homeless guy and that's where he came from. No. I only drank vodka this weekend.

Married men: no matter what, no thanks. I don't need the bad karma.

Why is it so hard to find someone? I went on a vent about relationships, sex, monogamy, dating, and bullshit with one of my best male friends last night. You'll be hearing all about it this week.

Will: I cheated once in high school and I was in a serious car accident immediately following (see post from dec/nov "cheating" for the whole story) never again. I flirt, but harmless flirting that isn't going to lead to anything and you're not leading a person on is something completely different.
I was just left very discouraged all day Sunday thinking about guys/men and so on. Too many bad experiences. I still love 'em though. I'm still willing to put myself out there. So, I guess, good for me.
I understand the need to know you still have 'it' (this was part of my vent last night also) but, how would you like to be the person at home thinking you have nothing to worry about, but the reality is your man/woman is out hitting on people? Why bring trust issues into a relationship?
The deal breaker for me is: lieing. Don't lie to me. Lie to me and it's over. So very over.

Also, on a side 'no shit, Party Girl' note.
I realized yesterday that everything, EVERYTHING, Mr. NJ told me was a lie. Again, no shit. But, you know when you know something, but then all of a sudden you realize it and it hits you smack dab in the head? Well, that was me yesterday. My, 'huh, that was lie. That was a lie. And that one....' and so on. So yeah. I vented for a good couple hours last night. By the end of it I was laughing.
thanks for listening.

Pussycat said...

unthink- There is no difference, a married man is a married man, and cheating is cheating. The only thing that would make it any different would be if his wife was aware !!and approved!! of the situation (that isn't cheating) and possibly joined in on the fun, but you made no mention of that.

If a married man feels he needs to cheat and lie, he shouldn't have been married to begin with.

Intense said...

Glad to hear you didn't have the beer...of course those damn frat boys and beer.
Fucking men and the old are we!!! I'm least you were able to be laughing in the end! Do they think if they lie it will be better. Hell NO!!!! We are all big girls.

Now I'm all pissed off...I hate men who lie. Ok I need to simmer it cocktail hour yet???

Intense said...

I'm sorry if I wasn't clear Pussycat...I think it all depends on the situation. One of my favorite fun times was with a guy that was getting a divorce. Also, I know a few married men that have an open relationship, etc. That's why it is all about the situation.
It disgusts me when I see married men or women out pussy/cock hunting. Let's not forgot the ladies who are out. Sheesh..I haven't cheated since High School.

Jay said...

As I was reading this, I conjured up a picture in my mind of where you live. You say in your profile that you live in a midwestern city. From what I've read, you sound like a Chicago girl. I can picture you walking up Rush St.(Jilly's, Gibson's, Level) where it merges with State up to the bars on Division,(Mother's, Leg Room, etc.)

Or you could be living in Dubuque, Iowa for all I know! (Though I do think more highly of you than that!)