Wednesday, January 18, 2006

question for the week: what kind of woman do you go for?

After looking at one too many pictures of the Olsen twins and still not understanding the fascination I need to ask, What kind of woman do you go for? What gets your motor running? Now, I'm talking stickly looks here. Personality and what comes out of her mouth when she speaks is not coming into play. That's for another day.

Personally, I don't get the whole, skin and bones I haven't had anything besides coffee in at least a month, look. Doesn't do a lot for me. I like curves. I need something to hold onto and grab onto. Let me know I am with a woman. I want hips and thighs and butt and boobs. Smack that shit and grab it. Hold on tight.
This goes for my men too. I like tall (which, as if that's hard seeing as how I'm 5'5 on a good day) and I prefer some meat. I don't care how much meat around the middle, just something more than skin and bones. An ex of mine, was 6 foot and weighed all of about 135 pounds. (no, I'm not kidding) I was an aerobic instructor at the time, and I was very self-counscious with him. That is too skinny, not to mention unhealthy. The bitch of it was that he ate non-stop. (bastard)
I need a little stomach on my man. I need to feel that he could take care of me in any situation. I need to feel safe around him. He could kung-fu chop someone should the need arise. Or at least I would think he could. But, this also translate to the bedroom. Pick me up and throw me down on the bed. Drag me down the bed (so hot) The whole, I want to grab onto you, translates to men as well. Only I wouldn't smack his shit (not inless he wanted me to)

Ok, so who do you go for?

The vixen: a'la Playboy and totally unattainable, yet frisky and fiesty in bed (or wherever)
The Homecoming queen/Miss America: a'la perfect and perky in any crisis, but don't mess up the hair
Cheerleader: perky fantasy who would always cheer your team on
Pin-up: beautiful, yet attainable, sexy and fun in a very outgoing sort of way
The girl next door: beautiful, outgoing, fun, quick with a smile, attainable, has a wild side waiting to be unleashed.
The girl down the hall: she lives in your apartment building. She is quick with a friendly smile. She's pretty and everyones friend. She might have a cat or two, but she is very loyal and great all around.
Goth girl: has a dark side and she's waiting to show you her true colors. There's more to her than meets the eye. She's wild and unafraid and you love it and can't wait for more.
The dominatrix: She is all power and control and you love every humiliating minute of it.
The submissive: She is waiting to be humilated and to love every minute of it.
Other: one that I didn't mention, but is everything and anything you want, dream and hope for.

After you answer, I'll tell you which one I am. If you want me to and if it won't ruin the fantasy.


Will said...

submissive, although your description leaves out a lot. But for the purposes of this post it'll do just fine.

Jay said...

The vixen: I have a few of these in my life.(good friends) I know one thing for sure:there's no such thing as unattainable.
The Homecoming queen/Miss America: ah, the homecoming queen. So, corruptable.
Cheerleader: cute, fun, brings out the stereotypical male in me: fuck 'em and leave 'em. I probably wouldn't want to get to know you anyway.
Pin-up: One of my favorite types. I get giddy and shy around them.
The girl next door: both the GND and
The girl down the hall: the GDTH are boring to me.
Goth girl: My favorite. This is the world I inhabit and goth girls are, to me, sexy beyond measure.
The dominatrix: I live with a dominatrix. I love her to death. She's sexy as fuck. But, with my dominant personallity, she drives me nuts!
The submissive: Submissiveness is sexy to a point. I have don=minated for money a time or two and the one type of submissive I can't stand is the one that can't THINK FOR HERSELF! Big turn off for me.

I think what I'm saying here is that I like variety in my life. I'll take the buffet, thank you.

That and, despite your call to keep personality out of it, I find myself unable to do so. Personality gets my motor running.

Allen Forbis said...

submissive/home coming queen combined please.

shape, size? As long as it all works well togheter, skinny, round, curvy, just as long as it is balanced

wavslidn said...

From those descriptions, I would have to go with the girl next door. My true favorite is the girls who likes wearing an old pair of jeans and is not afraid to put on a baseball cap when we go out to do things instead of spending half an hour doing her makeup so that she can go to the grocery store. My girl seems laid back and cool on the outside, but has a crazy in the bedroom streak to her that sometimes spills over to wanting to get a little crazy no matter where we are.

Of course she has to look good (no extra arms or legs) but confidence in her own appearance is far nicer than a chic who is always worried about gaining 2 lbs. I much prefer an "average" chic than the "pinup" because the "pinup" usually brings alot of baggage along with her.

I can not stand the skeleton look on a chic either. I have been there, done that, and every time I left with bruises from all the bones. She has to have some good curves going on and yes, I am a boob guy so she does have to have a nice chest to give me something to play with.

THE DUKE said...

Girl next door, or down the hall are both the best options.

I once had a "homecoming queen"-type stop mid-coital to powder her nose. Needless to say that Mr. Happy wasn't amused...

Ho-Me-G said...

Girl next door... no doubt about it.

And if Will likes submissive, I want to run the camera when you two have sex for the first time.

Allen Forbis said...

so the first pic was black shirt over bra, now hand over bra, what comes off next, the hand or the bra

MrHinge said...

I dig the girl next door type.

Will said...

I'm still waiting to hear which one she is.

Party Girl said...

Will: I know I left out a lot, but you get the jest. Also, I haven't gotten one comment on my boobage, I'm hurt.

Jay: I say pull a seat up to the buffet and enjoy.

Allen: I agree, proportion is key.

Wavs: I couldn't agree more adn you'll find out why in a second.

Duke: when you say, powered her nose, I'm assuming she had to use the bathroom, not that she took a coke break. Cause, wow. Well, wow on either one.

Ho-Me-G, I'll get it set up for you.

Hinge: me too.

Party Girl said...

actually, I'm going to write up a post later today about which one I am.