Tuesday, January 24, 2006

question of the week: what gets your motor runnin'?

Ok, I am talking strictly visual; personality cannot be involved, what turns you on? What is the number one thing that a woman or man can wear, have, or do, that your just sayin' "Hot damn, I've gotta get me some of that?" (Wow, I think I just went, dude.)

I'm talking strictly visual forms here. They walk into a room, you see them on the street, you catch an eyeful and go, “damn" silently to yourself. This is the question I am asking, the silently to yourself, 'damn'

Is it legs, ass, boobs, hair, eyes, lips, feet, article of clothing, something she or he says? Actually, I want to stick to visual, no words, no personality. What about tattoos? (Is it the bull’s-eye? I use to think that was sexy, now not so much) piercing, teeth, hands, nails? Heels, flats, barefoot, short skirt, long skirt with a slit up the side, naked, or with lingerie, bras, panties, commando?

For the woman and getting the 'damn' for the men is it arms, ass, hair vs. no hair, legs, stomach, flat with a six pack or carrying a few cans around? Bald as in shaved, or balding as in losing what little he has left. Big strong hands with little to no calluses, calluses, please I want to know he is a rugged man. Tall or short, round or flat? Eyes, teeth, nose, mouth, lips? C'mon ladies, spill it.

Before the whole baggy look came into vogue, I use to think the sexiest thing ever was to catch a glimpse of a man's boxers over the top of his jeans. Just a glimpse, no more than to see what color and style he was wearing, and they had to be boxers. This was back in high school, so it was before the boxer brief and such. Just a little bandwidth of a look. Yum. Then the whole pants around your ass look came in, ruined the whole thing.

There is something about a baldhead on a man. Bald as in shaved. A nice round, gleaming head. I just want to grab it, touch it and rub it. A beautiful bald black man, oh baby. A gleaming, white, shiny bald white guy? Oh baby. Come lay in my lap and let me rub your head.
There is a man who sits in front of me in class, the sheer strength is takes me not to grab his head and rub it, good lord I deserve a medal. (Okay, well one night he leaned back and it was too perfect, I couldn't help myself I had to rub it. He loved it as much as I did.)

I realize what I am about to say makes me somewhat of a freak, but what I really go for and what I notice about a man is his teeth, lips and eyebrows. I know, I know, but hear me out. Teeth, they don't have to be blinding white, but a shade thereof, teeth, more straight than crocked, please be a flosser. Eyebrows? There should be two. They are separated, no longer married, they are divorced. Lips, mmmmm a nice set of full lips. Not huge, but just a nice set, the teeth and the lips go nicely together. Mm, the lips, the lips tell you a lot about the kiss. I have my fingers up to my mouth just thinking about a good kiss no, a great kiss. That's perfection.


Jay said...

A great pair of legs and ass.

Any and all clothing that accentuates the above mentioned. Short skirts are good. I like the schoolgirl look, but it's way overdone. Breasts are nice, but they're secondary to me. Long, slinky, form-fitting black dresses, stiletto heels, hair pulled back, sexy lace lingerie underneath. ( No commando, I prefer the tease, thank you.) Tattoos and piercings are great, though I certainly don't mind a woman without them.

On another note, I am one of those guys who prefers baggy clothes and boxer-briefs. I'm a bigger guy,( 6'3 250ish, tire around the middle.) I like comfortable!

I am a sinner. I need to repent.

Perhaps a good spanking is in order?

Hey, I can dream. ;P

wavslidn said...

A tall woman will turn my head in a split second - being 6'6 I always am looking down towards people and so a woman approaching 6' catches my eye. I guess I would have to consider myself a boob guy - I don't know what it is, but I just love 'em! A tone pair of legs being shown off is a great feature. I am not into piercings other than the traditional stuff (ears) or maybe the tongue. If she looks like a tackle box, I am not going to get too stoked.

Overall I like women who appear to be fairly low maintenance. Having on a minimal amount of makeup and being comfortable like that is just cool to me. A chic who can wear a baseball cap and look cool doing it is icing on the cake. Don't get me wrong, I love a woman who can dress up and look great but I just don't want her to have to feel like she has to do that all the time. When I was in the Corps, there was this beautiful female officer that I met when I first got to Washington. I saw her in all the various Corps uniforms and she looked great (I saw her in dress blues at the Marine Corps Ball and almost asked her to dance - fortunately I was not that drunk). I then saw her one weekend in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and my jaw dropped! No makeup (or very little) and you could tell she was so comfortable dress liked that - she was just perfect. She then got stationed in Hawaii and I never saw her again.

Party Girl said...

Jay: that sounds very hot. A nice pair of toned, strong calves? I have to admit, I like that too. Hair pulled back as opposed to down, because it's easier to pull?
The tease is nice. It's hard as a woman wanting to please her man, panties or commando, you never know.

baggy? Bad boy. Let me get my whip.

Waves: Well, I don't stand a chance. I'm 5'5 on a good day. I pretend to be 5'8 in heels, does that count?
Boobs, they are nice. Like a lovely little pillow to rest your head on.

The story about the woman in the Corps, very nice, very cool. Any regrets about not asking her?

wavslidn said...

Heels work for me - what else would you wear for me? Dont get me wrong on the height thing - I have only ever hooked up with one chic who was 6'. I tend to spend my time with women between 5'3 and 5'6.

Yes, boobs are very nice. I greatly enjoy resting my head on them.

Any regrets about not asking her to dance - not at all. She is/was an officer and I was enlisted - that would have made for problems for me. I dont live with too many regrets anyway so I dont stress her. It is probably better to only know her from a distance than to have known her and risk ruining the image.

Party Girl said...

Wavs: best not to ruin the fantasy, or your career. Also, regrest are bad, best not to have any of those as well. Just live the life.

wavslidn said...

I try to live the best I can - thanks for the support on not asking her to dance. I did have a few others guys give me a hard time the next day just because she was so attractive.

So, you did not answer my question - what are you going to wear with those heels??

Vagina Terrorist said...

OK, if you actually read through this, please refrain from ripping on me. This really isn't the way I think all the time, but I couldn't stop once I started. I don't know what got into me.

Eazy's Perfect Girl in the looks dept:

The kind of olive skin where she looks just as good in the dead of a Chicago winter in a little lighter hue as she does in the middle of sun soaked summer as she absorbs every ray of sun. It doesn't matter what sort of light she is surrounded in, her skin will always radiate more full and bright.

She has the darkest, brown hair that's almost black. From under her cowboy hat, her locks meander down towards the middle of her back in loose, flowing waves.

From under her brim and through her long lashes, she stares at me, almost through me, with light, piercing ice blue eyes with traces of jade around the cornea like a green solar eclipse.

She has succulent thick lips that never require any kind of gloss. They're the kind that would make you give up a year of your life if you could just suck on them for one minute. She knows it and smirks at you, exposing her dimple on just the right side of her face (and it's only on her right to compliment the one on my left).

She wears a white tank top and tight, even slightly dirty classic jeans that slightly flare out at the cuff. Her outfit accentuates her feminine form how a woman should be. She doesn't try to impress with the way she looks but it's hard not to when her breasts just look like want to escape her clothing and the way they just capture light. Her tank top falls an inch or two above her waistline and when she turns around, you can see those two small indentations on either side near the small of her back. When she turns back, you can see her hip bones slightly portruding from above her jeanline that when everytime she walks, they tease you to nibble on them.

After you kiss her, you lick your own lips b/c you can't possibly understand why you have the faint reminance of peach on your mouth and then you figure out, it's not b/c of anything you or her ate, it's just the way she tastes.

Ho-Me-G said...

A woman who engages my brain. I'm a boob man, you betcha, but I can live without the boobs. I can't live without the brain.

And a woman who lets me feel her up frequently. Private or public, it doesn't matter.

So I get emotionally erect around not-so-visible traits.

Party Girl said...

First of all I would never rip or mock anything anyone said on here. Ever.
Second, my god, that was perfection. A completely beautiful visual. Thank you.

Ho-me-g, yes boobs. Boobs and a brain. I like to say I have both. it's a curse really.

Allen Forbis said...

chicks who blog in red bras

MrHinge said...

Chicks with nice athletic bodies.