Friday, January 27, 2006

letting it all out

Four days of a crap week=

Several listens to Rage Against the Machine, the whole CD on continuous play in my car. (also, House of Large Sizes, took me back to my grunge bar days. Oh, the lovely floral skirts)

Realizing that the Perfect Dick, (school guy) although he has one, is in fact a, perfect dick. (Also, trying to figure out why the hell I was attracted to him in the first place, but not really giving it too much thought. In fact, this is the most I've thought about it.)

Masturbating perhaps a little too frequently this week. (I donno, what's too much?) (Is there such a thing?) (I think the perscription on my glasses needs to be changed.)

A few beers

Some vodka.

Realizing I am bored with my out-of-towner, (Mr. Nebraska) and need a new one. ( Any takers?)

Lots and lots of laughter.

The link to the Mitch website. ( Will, you're the bestest)

Great friends.

A session last night that surprised even me.

As a result of last night I am back to my perpetually perky self.



Will said...

You can thank me in person.

THE DUKE said...

Out of towners aren't hard to find. It's the in-towners that seem to be elusive....

Party Girl said...

Will: promises, promises

The Duke: All too true.