Tuesday, January 24, 2006

note to self:

The cute little cotton cami with the cute little cotton shrug with the sexy little push-up bra that you wore to work today; the push-up bra wasn't necessary. Too many conversations with your chest, too many eyes on your chest.

Second note to self: If the wind is blowing 50 MPH, pants. Always go with pants.


Ho-Me-G said...

Please pardon my disagreement... I'll take more wardrobe malfunctions, please, not less.

Jay said...

Pants, you say?!


Men live for short skirts and windy days!

Hey, that rhymes!

wavslidn said...

Once again, I think we are going to need pictures to support these claims.

Party Girl said...

The malfunctions were frequent in the skirt dept today.
I wish I could convey the funniest. It had to do with a door that couldn't be opened because of the wind, an updraft and two men sitting on a couch watching the whole thing. Me? I was trying to push the door open while trying to hold my skirt down. Guess which one won.

Will said...

--please say the wind won--
--please say the wind won--

Party Girl said...

Wavs: I will start walking around with a camera everywhere I go starting...now.

Will: It was no contest, the wind kicked my ass, and showed it as well. (I am sure the men on the couch enjoyed the view)

wavslidn said...

Sweet! Another victory for mother nature. Damn I love windy days!

Please make sure to use that camera frequently.

Party Girl said...

Jay: You're a poet and you didn't even know it.

...and it's a good thing I own more skirts than pants then, huh?