Thursday, January 19, 2006


My superpower is my psychic ability. I can predict my friends futures. I don't mean this in a crystal ball sort of way, more in the; this person is right for you, this person will call/won't call, this job will happen, ect.

Unfortunately, my psychic abilities don't work on myself. Horniness is my kryptonite.
If I'm attracted to someone my psychic abilities are completely wiped away when it comes to myself.


MrHinge said...

Ok, I need to know what the correct winning lottery numbers are going to be for tomorrow's drawing.
Or how to get my wife to go commando now and again.
See any of that in my future?

Party Girl said...

6,8,9,13,24,36 powerball: 14

commando: Have you tried asking her and telling her how much it will turn you on? Also, it makes it super easy for inappropriate public sex. If your into that (just sayin)

if you win the lotto my fee is 60%. It drains my energy for the day to use my superpower.

Kilt Trip said...

My super power is my super luck. The catch - it only works when I'm not trying.

Party Girl said...

rob: on first reading I thought you said, super dick, I thought, well alrighty good for you!
Not that my mind is always in the gutter or anything.