Sunday, January 08, 2006

hello, sugar daddy?

Tomorrow it is back to work and school full time. Back to my hectic schedule. I am completely over school. I am taking 15 credits this semester and working full time. Oh yeah, I'm 31 and have a life outside of both. On a toot my own horn note, I managed a 4.0 last semester. What has two thumbs and is a rock star? This girl!

When I would talk about having a sugar daddy in the past, as a joke, I said, "no way, couldn't do it. I love it in theory, don't think I could do it in practice."
Well, after having three weeks off and having all the time in the world to do the things I really enjoy and want to pursue at my lesiure at hours on end, yeah guess what? Bring on the sugar daddy. Where is he? I am now accepting applications. Send them to I'm just sayin.

In the past three weeks I've been able to write, edit, paint, deal with some stressful and emotional issues without having to deal with the ususal daily bullshit that one normally has to deal with, and it's been freakin fantastic.
Now, this post isn't to make you all hate me. My point is, if we all could take the time to really enjoy our lives and have the time to deal with shtuff like we should and have the time to do the things we really enjoy and what makes this thing called life, oh I don't know, just pulling this one out of my ass here, makes us want to get out of bed in the morning, well, hell, wouldn't we all be so much happier and the world a much lovlier place to be?
...fuck, it all ends tomorrow.
Did I mention I am so over school right now?
I need a cheerleader.


Kilt Trip said...

I'll have to substitute the cheerleader skirt for my kilt. Hope that's okay. Just don't expect me to do any flips.

Party Girl said...

absolutely, I know what's under that kilt. Absolutely nothing. It's better than a cheerleader skirt. Backflips are not nec. Just a, "go team" every now and again is all I require.

Intense said...

Sugar Daddy...I used to love ten years ago. However, I had some great experiences. Vacations, Shopping, Dinners, and all the lovely things girls like. The cars....loved to drive!!!!

What's funny is that it wasn't that great after a real old real quick!!!!

I even decorated his condo in the city...NOW that was a blast!!!!

Party Girl said...

I think in some way, shape or form we have all had a sugar daddy. Whether it's getting all the free drinks you can handle in one night, (or several nights) a meal, clothes, rent, trips, presents. If he paid and if he got laid somewhere in the mix afterward, it was payment and it was a sugar daddy moment.

(Thank you to all my sugar daddies)