Thursday, January 19, 2006

the girl that I am

Ok, so which one am I?

I can be all of them. Well, not Miss America, too high maintenance, too perfect. No flaws. No flaws is bullshit.

Cheerleader? I certainly am happy and perky not to mention outgoing, but I have a brain and a personality, yes I am stereotyping. When people ask me what I was in high school they always say, cheerleader. Actually,I was the artsy chick in high school who could hang with all the cliques.

I wasn't goth, but I was grunge in high school and a couple years after. Yep, I was all about the floral skirt, message t's and combat boots. Mmmm, now there's a look that needs to come back. (Please, smell the sarcasm.)

I can either be dom or sub, I love both, but I love a man who will take charge and boss me around in the bedroom, not in a humiliation context, but in a; do this, do that, drag me down the bed, tell me what to say and how loud you want me to say it, turn me against the wall and have his way with me. Mmmm, so very hot.
I've also been known to throw my man on the bed and tell him to shut up and have my way with him. (and outside a time or two) (twenty)(forty) He and I can be sitting at the bar and I will take his hand and place his finger on my clit. Have him masturbate me at the bar while the bartender keeps coming to our side of the bar a little too frequently....ah, memories.

Pin-up? Sure, this is typically me on the weekends when I get dolled up. Put on the garter and stockings, heels, hair and make-up. Good times.

The one I am not; the girl down the hall.

The one I am without a doubt is; (drum-roll, please) the girl next door. I am low maintenance. I am your best friend. I am happy getting all dolled up and being the girlie-girl with the outrageous closet of shoes and clothes, but I also have the nasty ass sweatshirt that I absolutely love which I've had for over ten years, which no longer resembles a color found in nature with the frayed sleeves and is covered in paint and food stains not to mention the fact that it is four sizes to big. (but it's comfy)
My make-up is low-key and takes all of about 5-10 minutes in the morning. I like to look my best, and tend to dress-up for work, but I don't stress over a bad clothes/hair day. I tend to have my own style and flare with my clothes and jewelry. My clothes definitely say, 'me' something to show my personality. I will find any excuse to wear my stilettos, but I love to go barefoot the most.
I am just as happy in an expensive smoke-free martini bar as I am going to the dingiest hole in the wall and drinking a beer from the can. (I know where all the hole in walls along with fancy ones are and have been to most)
Baseball game? I am there with my too expensive hot dog and beer with my feet on the seat in front of me enjoying the sun and the game and the beer.
Boxing? Watch me yell and scream for them to punch the shit out of each other.
I have almost all males friends and I can hang with them all night. I am a guys girl.
It takes a hell of a lot to shock me.
Need to talk at 2 a.m. because of a break-up? Call me up.
Need bailed out of jail? Call me up. (I've had to do it a time or two)
I can talk and laugh with anyone and everyone and am doing so on any given minute of any given day. I just need to smile and tilt my head to the side and maybe flirt a little bit we will be friends.

I like to call myself, "the girl next door, but wait there's more." Scratch the surface and you will find the vixen, the playmate, the dom, and the sub, the pin-up, the artist, the cheerleader, the dirty, naughty, fun, sex girl. I will be your best friend and potentially the best girlfriend you've ever had. Just don't try to put me in a box. I don't fit in boxes very well and this is the mistake that too many men make with me. Because wait, there's more. There's always more. Take the time to scratch the surface.


Jay said...

Have you ever read the book, "The Ethical Slut." by Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt?

If there are any more girls next door like you, I need to pay more attention!

Ho-Me-G said...

The world needs more girls like you with boobs like that.

Mmmm... boobs...

Allen Forbis said...

boobs plural? I only see one, perhaps we we could see some left hand cupage

ptg said...

and that would be why the mind fuck is so important.

Ho-Me-G said...

C'mon Allen. Study that picture... in the right of the photo is the gentle but noticeable slope of her left breast.

Plural, baby. I love plural... mmmm...

Can a brother get an amen?

wavslidn said...

Damn, you are cool & hot - maybe you should just have your own category.

wavslidn said...

"He and I can be sitting at the bar and I will take his hand and place his finger on my clit. Have him masturbate me at the bar..." - you must be one hell of a date!

Party Girl said...

Jay: no, but I checked it out at B&N this morning and I will be buying it later today. Are you saying I'm an ethical slut?
and take a look at your neighbors. You never know what you might be missing.

ho-me-g: Amen!

Allen: I get right on it

ptg: if you were here I would give you a big kiss right on the lips and a hug, because excatly! EXACTLY!

Wavs: I am all for having my own category. What should we call it?
Also, I am a fabulous date. However, the comment you're refering to is not my first date behavior. I do have some morals and standards. (sometimes and when it fits the situation)

Will said...

I do enjoy the breastestes.

I wouldn't have pegged you for girl next door.

Party Girl said...

Will: It's about time you made a comment about the boobage, I was starting to worry.
yeah, what did you have me pegged as?

Will said...

I wouldn't have pegged you as low maintenance.

Of course I like the boobage. I'd show off my boobage but I wouldn't want to make you jealous.

man boobs = hot!

Party Girl said...

man boobs are hot.

On the surface I'm sure I appear high maintenance, my clothes and accessories coordinate well. Throw the Mustang into the mix and yeah. Once you take all of two seconds to get to know me you realize I am a low maintenance girl. Very quick with a wink and a smile, a sarcastic one-liner, and a cheesy-ass grin on my face. Insta-friend

wavslidn said...

Second date?? Third date??

Maybe the best category would just be "cool chic". This combines the girl next door's easy going style of dress and maintenance but adds that she is a chic who you can just hang out with and have a good time. She can drink with the guys while watching football and actually understands the sport. Just don't confuse her as "one of the guys". When you get in a relationship with her, she shows that she is 100% woman and will screw your brains out. She enjoys fooling around with her man (or woman) and keeps the sex life exciting. How about that category?

Party Girl said...

wavs: second and third date, absolutely. If I think you can handle the naughty girl, she will be coming (cuming) out.
I am all for that category. It's as if you know me, have we met?

(and thanks for not calling me, one of the guys, agh! nothing says, eternal friend, never going to have sex with any of you, than that.)

wavslidn said...

The naughty girl is awesome - there is only one way to find out if you can handle it. Unfortunately I dont think we have met before - I know I would remember you. Oh well, there is always the future...

You will have to tell me more of what happens on that 2nd and 3rd date some time - I like where you are going so far.

Jay said...

From everything I've read that you've written so far, I'd say that it is a book you should definitely read. Dry in some spots, but educational.