Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the land of whatever and anyway

A great friend of mine told me he lived in the land of, Or. Meaning it's going to be this OR that. This is going to happen OR this will. I told him I lived in the land of, Anyway and Whatever. He didn't get it at first, then I explained. "Anyway" is my segway when I have rambled on about something long enough or I want to change the subject.
"Whatever" is my answer to anything and everything and I don't mean this in a "Clueless" snooty sort of way either, I just shrug my shoulders and say, 'whatever.' I am so mellow, I don't care, panties are never in a bunch, I don't worry myself over petty, petty stupid things. Just, whatever. "Whatever" is also a segway word for me.

Whatever, moving on.

What land do you live in?


Intense said...

I'm such the whatever girl too. Since you have the sex forum and all. I think I have a new topic... Circumcised versus uncirumcised....if you like get writing Dr. Partygirl. I must write well!!!

I think it is a great idea to do a true confession weekly. Excellent way to let everything out.

Yeah BA I signed us both up.

Do you have email?

Party Girl said...

unthink1: That is too funny, I was thinking about this topic in the shower yesterday. It's being added to my list. Thanks for the idea and keep them coming!

I will see you in the meeting.

And thanks for the compliment on my writing. You seriously made my day!
email, I am getting a gmail acount set up, when I do I will send it to you. I would love to chat!

Intense said...

Boy update...The Ex thing is going just SWELL. I just love that word today. He is younger...enough said. Fuck I don't know. I'm confused but just trying to go with the flow....

Wait What?!?! Mr. NJ the guy from class...what happened?

Who is Mr. Nebraska? You all have the Carrie and Mr Big relationship....thats HOT! Girl give me the details of that relationship. Are you from NEB? Long distance?

Kilt Trip said...

I don't live in lands...I live in states.
I've resided in the lovely states of confusion, zen, and sin. All are quite lovely, and I'd reccomend a visit any time.

Party Girl said...

Rob: funny enough I have visted, drove through and stayed in those states a few time and more than once.
Also, there was a really nice post about you here:

if you haven't already seen it. I was about your poem and I thought it very cool of him.

AeroAangel said...

this made my semi-lucid night tonight...haha