Wednesday, January 11, 2006

back to the land of whatever or anyway

Part of my pooh mood yesterday was that I had several nights of crap ass sleep. Add that to the fact that I dated another idiot guy and yeah, I was tired and slightly pissy. Oh, and there was a family matter thrown in for good measure and extra shits and giggles.
So, yesterday after I left work I got into my hot little candy apple red Mustang, cranked up the Rage Against the Machine, (listened to 'Killing in the Name Of" three times as loud as I could stand it) I then went and bought a pair of brown open-toed retro platform shoes, worked-out for an hour, chated with a friend, drank a beer (or two) took a hot lather filled shower, had a great night sleep and I have had the theme song to, "Sesame Street" in my head ever since.

"Sunny day wishin the clouds away on my way to where the air is free! Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street...." Actually I was singing this in the shower last night...and this morning. I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed it as well.


AeroAangel said...

thanks for making my day! the image of you singing the sesame street theme in the shower was enough! I can just picture your hair swishing as you walk along singing it in your head. *still giggling and smiling*

Party Girl said...

Hey, have you been spying on me? Hair swishing with a smile on my face while I walk is exactly me. time wave hi!