Saturday, January 14, 2006

waste not....

I went to sleep last night thinking about sex.
I dreamt about sex all night.
I woke up this morning still thinking about sex and coming up with new fantasies.
After laying in bed for an hour drifting back and forth between consciousness and sex fantasies I put my hand between my legs to see how wet I am.
I am completely covered in my own wetness.
All over.
I am sloppy wet.
I couldn't let all the wetness and sexual build-up go to waste.
I put one of my fantasies to use.
Teasing my clit with my finger.
I cum in seconds.
Of course I keep going.
I cum again, and again, and again, and again.
I still need more.
I reach under my bed for my toy box.
I pull out my new favorite toy.
I can hear how wet I am.
I cum again, and again, and again, and again.
The moans and groans coming from me.
All guttural.
Within minutes I am completely satisfied.


ptg said...

Sounds like a good way to start off a morning to me!

MrHinge said...

In Will fashion.

This story is useless without video.

Will said...

I'm sorry for turning you on so much. I'll try to tone it down.

Intense said...

That was i to go and touch myself!

Jay said...

I have to say, this is one time where I feel obligated to fall in line with the lowest common denominator.

Your descriptions are quite the turn-on.

Your descriptions used as narration in a video reenacting your adventure in self-pleasure: bigger turn-on.

Not that I'm thinking of only myself.

As hard as I tried, the above sentence was not uttered with a straight face.

Party Girl said...

I will see what I can do for you guys the next time I need to take care of myself. (So, later today)