Tuesday, January 31, 2006

just askin': hey, who put the scarlet 'a' on my chest?

I don't know, just askin, but can I be an adulter if I didn't know he was married? As in he, blatantly and purposefully lied directly to my face numerous times?

Just askin'

I think I am guilt-free on this one.

I hope his wife finds my earring. (not because I want her to find my earring, but because I want her to find my earring. Make sense?) (I don't want to hurt her. I want her to find out what he is really like.) (perhaps she already knows.) (She has to know.) (Right?)

I will not become bitter. I will not become bitter.

P.S. this would be the, Perfect Dick, who I am referring to. I just found this out last night.


Will said...

You can feel guilt, because you're a good girl. You can beat yourself, because you're a good girl...

...you can call his wife, because you're a baaaaaaaad girl.

Party Girl said...

Will, it's like you know me. I like that idea....oh, (places hand up to mouth acts all shy and innocent, gets a sly smile on face) I am a baaadddd girl.

Will said...

Ha! That was suppose to be "beat yourself up".

Freudian slip?

Jay said...

In the eyes of the Lord, you're a sinner, an adulterer, and whatever else Leviticus says you are.

To the rest of us, you are here to be loved, lusted after, and whatever sick, twisted fantasy I can come up with.

It may or may not involve the dungeon. ;P

Party Girl said...

Will: I'm sure that's what it was, nothing more. I'll only read into if you ask nicely.

Jay: ah, thanks.....I'm all tingly

Ho-Me-G said...

Sin is intentional. God wouldn't punish someone for accidentally killing a person; he would fry your ass for hunting them down and shooting them in the back in cold blood.

You had no intent. You thought that he was truly unentangled because it's what he gave you.

My vote: PD (can I call him PD?) is to be lavished with every device in Will's and Jay's fun rooms. May one of those devices accidentally be a rose bush.

Ho-Me-G said...

Then of course, when PD has an asshole the size of a sewer lid (and just as attractive), then I vote that you call his wife and tell her where to pick up her ever lovin' hubby.

Party Girl said...

ho-me-g: Oh the dirty, dirty, DIRTY, filthy little visuals I had going on in my head.
What'dya say boys? Give a girl a thrill.

Rolakiki said...

Do you really care if you broke some arbitrary rule set up by some religion somewhere? Or do you care if you hurt someone? You definitely didn't intend to hurt someone. In fact, I'd wager you made someone feel really, really goooood.