Friday, January 06, 2006

mmmm, stinky clean

odd thought of the day, do you all find it odd that the same clothes basket that just held all of your stinky ass clothes is now the same clothes basket that holds all of your freashly cleaned clothes?


AeroAangel said...

never thought about it that much...but now that you mention is oddly amusing. Something else...more food for thought as it were, does it bother you that they put instructions on how to cook boxed pasta (ok, fine cook times, but actual instructions?) or how to use shampoo? who has never used shampoo before? who gets to be 24 (or fill in age here) and says man...i've never used *redneck voice* shampoo before...wonder how this here stuff works? maybe they got instructions on that there bottle. *end*

Party Girl said...

I amuse myself all the time with the directions they put on things. I agree, how stupid do you have to be, to be like, mm, soap? How do I use it? Lather, rinse, lather. Or is it rinse, lather, lather?
Have you noticed they've stopped writing some instructions out and only have pictures now to convey the image of the horrible death that will befall you if you use that bag as a toy?