Thursday, January 19, 2006

inner dork

In 1806 France became the first country to forbid barbers from practicing surgery.

Yep, that's right, barbers use to perform surgery. Get a shave and a tooth pulled in one stop. It was the convenient store of olden times.
The red and white pole outside barber shops comes from olden days when that was the sign for barber/surgery.


MrHinge said...

You mean, that's not supposed to be normal these days? Not even in the south?

Party Girl said...

it is completely appropriate in the south.

Vagina Terrorist said...

Just read your post about 1 homeless + 5 married men... the part at the end really got to me b/c I agree with you, it doesn't do a lot for your faith in a monogomous (sp?) relationship. People think I'm weird for many reasons as you might know from reading my page, but one in particular is b/c I haven't had a longterm relationship. Some of the people that say this are the same ones who are those married guys who go out and live like they're single but somehow I'm the weird one. At least I can proudly say that I've never cheated on someone nor would I. I'm not trying to pat my back here... but these days, it's almost a rarity that someone wouldn't cheat and that's fucked up. I hate people for that, it's the ultimate form of disrespect. Sucks to live life as an idealist and not a realist. L8a!

Party Girl said...

easy: suprizingly, I am going to agree with you on this one. I am finding it to be more and more rare. My married friends? all unhappy and or cheating. One in particular was upset because her cheating buddy was ignoring her and he has a, YOU have a husband.
Exclusive relationship? Been a long time, everyone seems to just be dating now days. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't know, it's getting old for me, but maybe I'm still in my funk from this past weekend. I think I am still very discouraged from the married men episode.

Question for you, have you never been in a long term, or it's just been a long time? Also, what do you consider to be long term? I ask because I am finding out that what I call/consider something everyone else does not. I am going to write about this also.

Jay said...

I would like to take this opportunity to out "inner dork" you, (that sounds vaguely sexual!) Anyway...

Did you know that American Express was the UPS of the late 1800's?

Founded in 1850 by Henry Wells, William Fargo, and John Butterfield, A.X. didn't get into the money biz until 1882, when it offered money orders to compete with the US Postal Service. J. C. Fargo took a trip to Europe and returned frustrated and infuriated. Despite the fact that he was president of American Express and that he carried with him traditional letters of credit, he found it difficult to obtain cash anywhere except in major cities. The American Express Travelers Cheque was introduced in 1891.

It wasn't until 1958 that A.X. offered their first "credit card".

Diners Club was the first to offer a credit card in 1950.

That's a story for another day.

Party Girl said...

Jay: I have a smile on my face, a gleam in my eye, a raised eyebrow, my fun parts are all a tingle. You can dork me any day.

Vagina Terrorist said...

Hey, don't be discouraged, I have to tell myself that everyday. Every weekend that goes by, it's harder not to be discouraged but you don't want to turn out like me. It's part of the reason I've even withdrawn from going out a lot anymore is so I don't have to be exposed to that kind of shit. Of course, when you live at a place like mine, you really don't have a choice but to be exposed to the shit. I hate hearing a story like yours b/c I know that it happens all the time. I'm just glad I don't have any friends that do that to their wives/gfs. But you know, there are loyal guys out there. I've done my fair share of bad things but that's one area I don't tolerate with myself or any of my friends. Loyalty is one is the most genuine qualities that you can give to anyone else you care about.

I haven't dated a woman longer than 4 months. I know, "omg, he must have commitment issues". No, things just never worked out, probably for the best. I was involved with someone that lied about everything they were, including their name for about a year but I don't count that. Regardless, this is definitely not long term and not even on the cusp so I'm probably a bad example for your poll. I've dated tons of women but I can honestly say I've dated maybe 2 that I've actually liked.

Sorry for the all serious talk, this really isn't me but that hit a chord with me and some things I've been noticing lately.

Party Girl said...

Easy: ok, I need to probe your brain. And I am all for the serious talk, you know that. C'mon you can be that man here in my place I won't tell.

I actually wasn't surprised by the four months it doesn't say anything about commitment issues to me and here's why, it says to me that your not into wasting your time or the woman's. If it's not working out and you know it, why continue? Sure the sex may be out of this world, but can you talk to her? If the answer is no then move on. I totally respect that. I am exactly the same way. Don't waste my time and can you carry on a conversation? Too many people have no idea how to do so. If you can't then, good-bye. That'd be why I'm a serial dater. Not into wasting my time.

The part that caught my attention was: "I've dated maybe 2 that I actually liked."
Okay, meaning that there have been only 2 that you've wanted to spend time with and actually get to know? (in other words that you saw as being worth your time) or there have only been two that you were able to tolerate for more than a couple days?

Brain probe over, thanks!