Wednesday, January 25, 2006

romantic gestures: the lean over

Remember when you could tell if someone was a considerate date simply if they leaned over and unlocked your side of the car?

He would unlock your side, close the door when you were safely seated inside, then he would walk behind the car to get to his side and he would see you through the back window of the car do the lean over and unlock the driver's side door.
It was a simple little thing to say, "yeah, I'm a good girlfriend."

Having someone push a button via remote car start to unlock my door and his door, simply not the same. So very much not the same romantic gesture.


wavslidn said...

Well, you can at least still find out how good of a guy he is - we just need to come up with a new test for the girl. Any ideas?

Will said...

Swallowing isn't the test any more? I didn't get the memo.

Party Girl said...

I like the show and tell. In other words, don't just tell me how much you like me, show me. Gestures go so much further.

Here's your memo:
Spitting or swallowing is the difference between like and love. Unless your surprised.
Or you just like to, then all bets are off.

Rolakiki said...

Some girls say it tastes good. Can that be true? Or does love overcome the less than delicious taste.