Sunday, January 08, 2006

movie review: "Wedding Crashers"

After having about 20 men tell me I really, really (really) need to watch "Wedding Crashers" because (insert dude voice here) "I would really love it. I would totally dig it and appreciate it."
Ok, so I went and rented it this weekend.
I was sceptical.
I thought, "it's going to be typical sophmoric humor and a guy thing, I'm not going to totally dig it."
(sidenote: about half of the men who recommended I see the movie were men I dated and told me it was "totally their lives")

The movie had me at the opening scene.
The tit for tat exchange between Vaughn and Wilson between the divorcing couple is exactly how I feel about marriage.
The lines they use to score? I've used them and heard them.
The scene between Vaughn and his secretary about her setting him up on a date, is exactly how I feel and have infact said some of the same things as well.
I laughed so hard I chocked.
I couldn't catch my breath a few times.
I didn't care for the fact that Vaughn ends up married at the end, but I'll let it go. I know why it had to happen, but still it's hokey.
I watched the movies twice. It's not due back until Wednesday and I suspect I will watch it again. Maybe twice more.
It's brilliant.
It shows the the lengths and bullshit men are willing to do and go through simply to score.
The men I've known have known me better than I thought. Huh, go figure.


Kilt Trip said...

I'm going to have to watch it myself now. I've been putting off watching it for many of your reasons as well...

Oh, I feel just like I did when the sixth sense came out and before I got to watch it, someone told me, "Bruce Willis is really dead..." Just don't ruin E.T. for me...
; )

Party Girl said...

crap, it didn't even occur to me not to tell the ending. Duh, sorry. I really am not giving anything away.

On the "sixth Sense" I heard so many movie reviews talk about the, "surprise at the end" that I spent the whole movie waiting for it.

Stupid ass people. Wait, would I be one of them in this case?

wavslidn said...

Are you really ever suprised about the lengths guys will go to so they can hook up? I dont think there is a limit. I had a girl in college convinced that I was an Australian exchange student so I could hook up with her. I hooked up with her a couple times and then did not see her again for quite a while. When I ran into her the next semester she asked me "what happened to your accent?" She had actually bought it - what an idiot! Ask Will, there is no way I can be Australian - I grew up in North Carolina! All I did was meet her at a party, introduced her to a couple of guys who were exchange students from England, used the worst Australian accent you ever heard, made up some story about all the sharks on the Great Barrier reef, and we were off to my room - thank God for alcohol!